Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Um ... well, y'see, it was like this ...

I committed to write two paragraphs; at least two, I promised. So bright and early I fired up Old Betsy, my PC, and contemplated its unblinking screen full of hope. After a few minutes (well, ten or thirty or so) I suddenly remembered an errand I had to run, and that my dohgs (English dogs) needed to be drained. Then there were the groceries, of course. So close to noon, um ... one really, I again sat myself down to write. The screen still did not blink, nor had it done so, not even once in the intervening time. Inspiration likewise did not emit a solitary spark.

So I checked my spam, once more drained the dohgs, and found a number of urgent insignificant chores that needed doing. In between each, I visited Betsy, and her malevolent stares. Still nothing. In the background the radio kept me updated on the key events around the world. The planet, it seems, has suspended any existence except Indecision 2008.

Lunch (a radish salad, some wieners, and fresh strawberries) failed to encourage a single electron to cross its synapse.

Despite my ministrations the flat looks lived-in, the odd-jobs endless, the dohgs capable of unlimited ordure - and the blogger blank.

So I probably won't come up with a credible excuse to Mart either. Oh well, maybe a nap, eh?

Move over dohgs.


Martine said...

Tsk, tsk.

For shame.


Those aren't PARAGRAPHS. Well, they are, but I meant REAL ones.

Don't make me post pictures of Vinnie in his new bed. The first one. Evuh!

32 more days and you'll have ALL day to compose blog posts.

Aren't you SO excited?

Bird said...

When I first read this I misread "ministrations" as "menstruation". I was confused, who the hell wrote this?

I want to see the Vinnie picture.

Martine said...

Point well taken, Bird. I need to figure out how we can change the posters name on the post...

Dad is the author of this one...and I've convinced him to do more (more paragraphs)...'s been a while since you posted...

Pieter said...

So Bird, where is the balancing compliment to your Freudian allusion?

Are you planning to leave that minor covert slur just hanging there contemptuously?

Has my labor less artistic merit than than a brief image of the rear end of an aging, paperless (!) wiener?

Bird said...

OMG! Dad - I have NO IDEA what you just said to me. It was all just clicks and buzzes.... Charlie Brown's teacher all over again.

The only thing I got was "weiner".

Pieter said...