Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Is What Old Looks Like

Pitiful, isn't it?

Happy 40th Birthday, Justin!

And belated happy birthday to Tami. Here they are...many moons ago...circa 1994-ish.
My, you have such pretty glasses Justin.
Edited to add (and because, is his birthday) they have both aged very well...and he IS a handsome devil besides.
Some desert, somewhere out west.
Furry face.
Gussied up.
Lookin' fine!


Justin said...

This is what old looks like? I will let you know that ALL of the women in my dreams say I look young for my age. The women in my dreams say many things, but this is the only G rated comment I can share at this moment. The pic of me and Tami. Nice. Could you not find a picture of me when I was even fatter? To top it off, you show a picture of our long dead little dog Captain. Cruel! I still miss the worthless, mean tempered, floor pissing, toothless little bastard. Many things have changed since that picture. I no longer wear glassess. I lost a lot of weight, and I know better than to wear tank tops in public. EVER! I was handling 40 just fine till this vicious and unprovoked attack. Screw you guys, I'm going home! Nothing but love to all of you, and just to keep things simple, I will accept gifts of cash and liquor.

Justin said...


Justin said...

I love the new pictures. God, it is good to be one of the pretty people. I would do me!

Justin said...

I have some more pictures of me in a red leather thong. Want me to send them to you? Or you can get them from Steve. He was the one that sent me the thong. The only problem is that the thong makes my ass look huge.

Tami said...

Thanks (and great job with the pics) Mart! But WOW, and REALLY?

Justin- WHAT womEn in your dreams...? Huh, huh? Lol!

The Butterfly said...

I am not sure whether I am morbidly sorry, or blissfully grateful, that the looks, the wit, the build, the harem drive, and the ego skipped a generation.

Whatever - this is a great day to tell him, and the world, that I am humbled that that one little guy made it to the goal!

I'm so proud of my son and I love him!

The happiest of birthdays Justin!

Bird said...

If the thong makes your ass look big I suggest you try wearing it backwards....

Pieter said...

What a great blogute, Mart! A stellar composition. You made him sound like the son I always wanted.

And, of course


Here's to the next forty, and may you achieve all you hope for.

I love you!