Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Spice & All Things Nice

Well, it looks like I'm going to have to block Kim from further commenting. $7 in a year...ha. Clearly her children are far too well behaved or she'd be stylin' by now. When I figure out how, I'll link to her blog. Her husband is enjoying an all expense paid vacation to Iraq right now (I may or may not be plagiarizing directly from the aforementioned I may or may not link her...when I figure out how) and she still maintains a sense of humor

And listen, don't bother leaving any comments about the road to fortune being paved with regular updates and what not. I KNOW! But I'm busy. Busy with Dad. We have so far enjoyed the most spectacular fall day down at the park and the lake, and a quiet afternoon today sipping pumpkin spice cappuccinos on the deck. Having him here is heavenly. He looks great, feels great and we are soaking up the love. The last six months have defied the imagination and we are all better for having been with him through it. I cannot find the words to tell you how much this week with my parents means to me. So bear with me and the skimpy updates.

Above: Grampa with three of his four grandkids.
Right: Grampa with Miss Thatcher.

Now I really must go to bed. Mom arrives in about 13 hours and you know how loud and raunchy she can be.

Oh, shut up.


Kim said...

Hey girl! Your dad looks great! I'm so glad he's getting to visit. I really need to blog soon and show off what I've been up to since my OCD kicked into over drive. I become very extreme with organization when Stephen's in the desert! Have a great visit with the folks, and I'll chat with you soon.

Kem said...

Now those are pics I can deal with - worth a 1000 words - No more like a million