Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letter From Swaziland

Hello All from a wet and cold Swaziland!
Nice rain! Now for the normal farmer's complaint - we have just started harvesting the last of the sugar cane and the tractors are mucking up the field and the road. The rain is very welcome, but just not on that field!
Attached are pics of our holiday with Em and Mark. We had such a happy time with them! And there is always an added little something, like you can't just play boulle, but you have to wear funny hats. Anything for a laugh! We went to a fantastic restaurant called the Goat Shed, and you can see the goats tower in the background of one pic. You can also see just what a happy time we had.
I have had to work quite hard at work this week (funny thing that - working at work!) because I have had to learn a lot for the meeting I am going on tomorrow to Windhoek. I have a sore tummy. Mick (my young boss) is meeting me early tomorrow and he flies with me all the way to Windhoek, but then he carries on to Walvis Bay for a different meeting. I feel better about not travelling on my own - have a better chance of meeting someone on the plane going to the same meeting and Mick can introduce us and I will not feel like a raspberry. I have such a sore tummy... It is a hunting forum, and although we don't hunt in our parks, Ted wants us to be represented there (we always are, by Mick), and it is essentially about lions. As I run the CITES office, I will learn more because that is also coming under discussion. Will be back home on Friday night. My tum does hurt so. Joe will pick me up and drive me home. I am sure it will be fun, and that I will enjoy myself, and the meeting part I can cope with quite easily, but the thought of walking into the dining room and not knowing anyone to sit with is what I think is hurting my tummy. All will be well once I am there. Anticipation is not always a pleasurable thing!
And that brings me to another little problem. Little... Well, we have had a truck coming to the filling station pulling a little tank and filling up with fuel - about R14 000 at a time. Wigs was a bit concerned because of the amount, and it was on credit card, so he phoned the bank and was told that the card was fine and clear, and that he could relax. Well, three weeks later, another filling station phoned to say that they had been told by their bank that the card was a fraud, and the bank wanted their money back. We have now discovered that this has happened to several other stations, and the cards have been cloned, therefore they don't come up as hot cards until the company who owns the number discovers that they have spent a small fortune on petrol. Our friends have been taken for over R200 000 and us for R140 000. Wigs has moved our money to another account so the bank can't just access it back, but it seems that what they then do is just put you into overdraught! There is a huge fight in the offing, because we now feel that we can't trust any card except those with a chip, and there are not many of them around. Wigs is arguing that after checking the card, and all the transactions going through, it is not our responsibility, but should be the bank's and the owner of the card's, and they must find the culprits. How can we run any sort of business if we cannot trust the cards and the banks? But all will be fine - I don't mean for you to worry! It's not all black!
My emails are so full of negatives these past few weeks - I'm sorry! On the positive, my garden is so pleased with the rain! My seedlings are running a little late and will only be ready at the end of the month, and the ones in the garden have done their stuff. Today's maximum is 16 and I am pleased!
Christmas shopping coming up...Is that another negative? Hope not! My boss has suddenly woken up to the fact that he can buy his presents over the internet through his secretary. I spent a blissful moring browsing the book sites, printing out ones I thought he would be interested in and will do the ordering when I get back.

Love, love, love... you all!
Winks/Kath/Mummy Darling, Young and Beautiful!


Martine said...

Funny...almost everyone I know would have a tummy ache in the face of a dinner with an entire room of strangers. But for me, the thought of a fancy dinner with an open bar ('cuz who has a fancy dinner without free booze?) and no kids sounds like a good ol' time. No one would even have to talk to me (although being the dork that I am, I would make lots of awkward attempts at conversation, finally give up, get hopelessly drunk and send myself to my room before I embarrass myself). But that's just me!

Love the pictures...they do look very happy!

Pieter said...

Funny ... I always went to dinner with a binder (containing my crossword), a vague smile, and my eyes looking in different directions. No-one ever bothered me. Unless I took a nap too close to someone's feet.