Monday, November 17, 2008

Post Parental Visit

Ah yes. We are alive and well. Just watching the sky fill with big, fat snowflakes as I type. The kids just left for school, Steve is in the woods and I am in my sweatpants. Live is good.

Not much to report (or little time to report). Mom and Dad's visit came and went with a flash. As always, it was a happy visit...with little to do, but enjoy the company (and eat and drink and eat some more). The kids love having them here and it's always a bit of an adjustment when they leave (and I have to go back to folding my own laundry!). We are looking forward to the day when going home means they drive a couple of blocks instead of boarding a plane! Anyway, we did a very shabby job taking pictures while they were here, but this is a nice one of Mom and Dad with the kids.
Halloween quickly followed their departure and we sent two little witches and a hunter off the forage for candy. Our night started out at a friend's house with adult beverages aplenty and games to keep the kids from interrupting the overindulgence. Not surprisingly, my kids did very well at the donut eating contest."What are you lookin' at? Don't make me track you down."

"Eh, you seen my donut?"

"Gulp. I WIN!"

Let's see. After Halloween the girls had their official Brownie induction ceremony...a combination of so freaking adorable and batshit crazy corny. It was very official (I thought maybe they were being awarded the Purple Heart) and they were so proud...but it was hard to keep a straight face. They have earned six badges already (which means I have still have twelve badges to sew before Thursday) and are really enjoying their meetings.

Jack is playing basketball in the Catholic Youth Organization league. He practices up to twice a week and has weekly games through March. His height makes basketball a good fit for him and makes up for his lack of aggression. It's been a lot of fun watching him gain confidence and see the awkwardness give way to more natural athletic ability. And let's face it, with three kids to educate, we're grooming a scholarship here! I'll take pictures at his game this week and will post them soon.

And I think that's it. In the time it's taken to type this post, the snow has completely covered the grass (for the first time this season). And now I have a second cup of coffee to drink and a bed to warm back up!


Tami said...

The kids are so beautiful. I can't believe how big they're getting. Many kudos to you for doing such an amazing job with activities and such for them. I'm envious! Love and miss you all lots!

The Butterfly said...

That is another very happy time we had and found it so hard to come back to all that we came back to!The picture of me is poor. I really do look better in real life.