Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shoop, Shoop, Down They Go

We had the opportunity to take the kids skiing on Monday, and WOW...they've been bitten by the skiing bug (which I think is going to send me from the poor house to the flat broke house!). Friends of ours belong to a private ski club, so it was the perfect combination of individual attention from ski instructors and a pretty small crowd that gave the kids a chance to really learn. They had no idea what to expect, and all came away with a hint of some serious ski skills (with MUCH to learn, but a GREAT start!). Here some fun pictures from Monday.
Here they are, waiting for their instructors. At this point they were impatient, sweaty (the lodge is HOT) and a little nervous. But aren't they the picture of ski-bunny-ness?
Maggie came very close to not skiing. She was so hot, and quickly melted down about everything ("my neck hurts, my legs are itchy, why are these boots so tight?"). She was the most nervous, but ended up doing very well...skiing alongside her instructor by the end of the day.
It shouldn't surprise you that Libby never lost focus, didn't complain once and could not wait to get up on those skis. Every morning since Monday, she's asked me when we're going skiing again (next weekend). Even after two solid hours of instruction, with only a short break for hot chocolate, she wanted to keep skiing.
We met the family we went with through Jack...their son is one of his closest friends. And he (the friend) has only been skiing a year, but is pretty good (naturally). So Jack was very uptight about having to stay on the bunny hill, and "learn"...and being embarrassed in front of his friend. I don't think he had realistic expectations of how hard it is to learn. Anyway, he also did great...was learning to turn by the end of the day, and is also very anxious to get back on the slopes (and yes, he had a hair cut yesterday...he looks like a rock star and made me spend $12 on Paul Mitchell shaping balm. I took a picture of him this morning...will post it tomorrow...I think he's gonna be a lady killer).
The future Suzy Chapstick and Peekaboo Street (skiers have goofy names).
Jack with his instructor, Joe.
Steve and I had front row seats to the all the activities and literally beamed from ear to ear with pride for the entire day. However, we are old, slightly plump and do not wish to ever be on skis. So we drank beer and took pictures...even of ourselves. I get kudos for posting such an extreme closeup of myself,, wow...where did all those wrinkles come from?


Anonymous said...

Awesome story and great pics of ALL of you. Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

Anonymous = Lori Foster

Pieter said...

Lawdy, Lawdy Lawdy! The gals look more beautiful each issue, and Jack grows like the proverbial beanstalk!

But this is just their bursting-with-pride-grampa braggin'.

Who's the good-looking guy you're with? Steve working that day? Looks like a good spare!

Pieter said...

By the way - great picture of you and what's-his-name.

Tami said...

O my goodness! What a great opportunity for you guys. So, so fun. Skiing is kinda like roller skating to me. I never really did it often enough to get the hang of it and felt like I was starting over every time. Comical to watch. (They once had to stop the lift for me at Swain - HAD TO STOP THE LIFT - because I was afraid to ski down the little hill you had to in order to get off the lift. Never could get myself up without help when I fell down either...). Anyway, great story, great day, beautiful kiddos. Btw, I didn't recognize Steve until you said it was Steve. Wondered who the hottie was there for a minute. You all look amazing. Love you! T-

Bird said...

Great pics! Kids are gor-gus as usual and i can't wait to see Jacks new hair with the $12 hair goop! Lady killer indeed..

The Butterfly said...

Great pictures.Of course I only have gorgeous grand daughters and a handsome grandson! They really looked very cool in ski outfits. Mom and Dad don't at all bad either, in fact you both look very youthful. Can you tell I'm not at all biased? Love you all.