Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ya Can't Eat Just One

I'd sell my soul for a bag of these tonight.

I'm obsessed and considering ordering a case from the manufacturer.

Today is day 2 of my diet and all I can think about is Ketchup Potato Chips (or, as we called them back home, Tomato Sauce Crisps).

They're readily available in Canada and the border is a measely ONE hour from here. I could have a sweet set of red fingers in less time that it takes to watch Iron Chef America.

It's so tempting.


Denise said...

Seriously, you have issues.

Bird said...

Yeah you have issues! Here's one BIG issue for you... will I send my luverly sister half of that case of chips!?! I LUUUURVE Ketchup Potatoe Chips!!!!!!! I'll split a case with you if you want. Me far from Canada border, me close to Mexico border. Me get Tequila cheap. You get chips cheap. We party like rock star. Long time.

Martine said...

Denise...I will have to much more selective when choosing my friends in my next life. If I get my hands on some, I'll save you ONE (and then leave you wanting more). That's how I roll.

Brighid...you're on!! We'll split a case, but you have to do the sit-ups to work off the calories. Deal?

Bird said...

Denise gets no chips. One year.

Give me a total and I'll have a check in the mail today.

Hmmm...sweet creamery chips. More jelly for the belly :-)

Denise said...

I must confess, i've never participated in the eating of the ketchup chip but my Ukrainian family members always bring a bag home when returning from Canada and my daughter seems to love them. I know this usually from the red stained fingers I find reaching over trying to touch everything afterwards. I'll see if I know any chip dealers heading back from the border and see what I can do for you ketchup junkies.

Bird said...

OK, you're back on the island Denise. And I think you're very,very pretty! Martine, she doesn't say such nice things, so I should probably get more chips than her. And of course there's that whole we used to live together thing...
I lurve you like I lurve my chips! :-)