Saturday, March 1, 2008

My LIfe In Bullets

* 13 days until we move and I can't turn my head in any direction without cardboard boxes obscuring my view. Which, it turns out, is the antidote for feeling sad about abandoning my little house (I can't wait to get the fuck out so I don't have to look at cardboard boxes for a verrrry long time).

*An amazing woman from Canada took it upon herself to buy me not one, but FOUR bags of ketchup potato chips. AND...a small assortment of candies we can't find on this side of the border (can you say "sssmarties"?). She has refused my offer of money, so I've made it my mission to pay it forward to someone else who needs a pick-me-up. Any suggestions are welcome!

*At the same time as Brighid called to gloat about watching Gladiator, I was trying to wash my red-stained, ketchup potato fingers. My superiority complex was short lived, however, as she left me a message tonight that she's have boerewors made by some Dallas butcher. Whatever.

*7 weeks until I host my parents again. For two whole weeks. We will see if we can do any more damage to the Simply Crepes menu. I can't wait to love 'em up!

*I just got back from the East Rochester High School production of nephew was Kenickie. It was awesome! He dedicated himself so fully to the role and impressed the hell out me. It was money and time well spent and I appreciate so much the effort those kids (especially my nephew) put into an outstanding show!! Plus, the kid who played Doody will almost certainly make it to Broadway...and it was a real treat to watch him sparkle!

*What I lack in quantity at work I am more than making up for in quality. I suck moose balls at setting meetings, but with appointments at both Nike and MTV in March, I have ensured that I won't be fired...yet.

*Two of my favorite lesbians on the planet shared a meal of shrimp scampi with us on Friday...and reminded me why I count them as two of the greatest blessings in my life. I love you both!

*I have officially given notice to my daycare parents. I'm done. I will watch my last two kids until the end of the summer...and then I'll be a retired daycare provider. Turns out the retirement fund sucks, but I hope to follow my dreams when the door finally hits them in the ass.

*I'm officially chubby. I can't stand the sight of myself, but I've decided to be kind to the moon face that stares back at me every morning...until we close on the new house. Then all bets are off and I'll be pushing hard to beat the flab. Will report my progress (but only if it's good).

*It's almost 12:30am, March 2nd. Time to go to bed.


Em said...

Yoo hoo! Once again so lovely visiting your life-on-line. Sounds like you've got your hands full. PLUS there hasn't been one kid-story, so I know that there's way more lurking beyond the laptop monitor.

In comparison to your mad-rush days, I had a weekend from heaven. And want to gloat, so here it is. Leisurely and hot. Living in the Winelands is such a pleasure - watched a friend perform with his band on Saturday whilst watching the sun go down on a wine farm. Goats cheese on biscuits in one hand and a robust glass of red in the other.

Sunday was a leisurely walk through a forest, a long and sumptuous lunch at another wine farm overlooking the mountains and vineyards. A refreshing and buttery chardonnay.

Sigh. Such satisfaction.

And not a box in sight.

Bird said...

Emily is evil. Just so you all know. Evil through and through. Blah blah blah wine farm blah blah blah forest blah blah blah leisurely blah blah blah... Ok I'm outta things to moan about. Glad life is so good Em :-)

Mart - how were the chips? Gee, chips would be yummy right now. Sure wish I had some.

Um, Mom and Dad are coming for 2 weeks? How much house work and garden work are you going to make them do?