Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Flat Jack Update

The last thing Jack's class does on Friday afternoons is update their Flat Stanley project. Postcards are read, maps are studied and pushpins are placed. And because Flat Jack went halfway around the world, he had to wait a bit longer for his postcards (some Flat Folk went to other parts of New York fer-cryin'-out-loud). He started to get discouraged ("Mommy, Caroline got her FOURTH postcard from Ohio this week!").

Last Friday he burst off the bus and couldn't get the words out fast enough.

"Mommy, I got TEN postcards!!"


"And every single one of them had writing ALL over them!"

"And Mrs. ThirdGradeTeacher read EVERY SINGLE WORD!"

So, from the bottom of my heart, Emily and Winky, thank you for sending word of Flat Jack's travels. Thank you for taking the time to fill out each of those postcards with such love and care. Jack was over the moon and so proud to put himself on the map.

Thank you, thank you!

And to the rest of you South African and New Zealand folk, watch out for Flat Jack. Although he was only allowed to choose one address to start his journey, you may still see him on his voyage. If anyone would like to circumvent the "rules" and send a postcard from your area, just send me an email and I'll give you Jack's school address. He would love to add a few more push pins before the end of the year!


Em said...

AWESOME!!! I had such fun writing those postcards! But Mart, I must admit that I've been terrible and I haven't forwarded Flat Jack on.

I've had him for a couple of weeks now and I need to send him to someone who'll take the time. Not many of my friends have kids so there's a disconnect. Non-kid people are way more self-involved. Me included!

Can you forward me one of your friend's addresses and I'll forward Flat Jack to them. Sorry for being so late.

Big hug!

Martine said...

Not to worry. I'll put out an email plea for postcards. But, if you can, please forward Flat Jack to Kinny. She can send something from Jeffrey's Bay.
Thanks again for your cards!

Bird said...

I got one (it's a Texas greeting card, all they had at the grocery store) for Jack. What is his school address? And what am I supposed to say? And can I sign it "from your favorite, cool Aunt Brighid"... sorry Julie. :-)

Martine said...

Bird...check your email...I sent the addy.