Friday, March 28, 2008

Pathetic On So Many Levels

Get it? So many levels? Levels?


That's what I see about 10 times a day. He whines to come upstairs with me while I work. If I run downstairs to grab something, he appears at the top of the stairs, his head a weird, obtuse triangle with the flat of his ears and sharp point of his snout, whining to come back down.

I think I see the perfect spot in the new backyard to bury him.


Bird said...

I'm on my way to get him.

Martine said...

Keep your eyes peeled to the curb for him. I let him go this morning to meet you halfway.

Em said...

Send him to me! (I hope he can swim)

No stairs, invisible fences galore - he'll LOVE it here.

Only drawback is that I'm not sure Mark is grown up enough to look after a dog. And he whines about as much as I can handle as it is.

"Em, where's the tin opener?"

"Right there in the drawer where it always is. Think for yourself"

"But it's so much easier when you think for me"

I'll tell you what, how about a trade?

Martine said...


There. Will. Be. No. Trade.

I have a late model version already.

Thanks anyway!