Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mr. and Mrs.Wisenarses

Before you read this post, you'll have to go back and read the comments from my Before and After post (if I knew how to link to it, I would...but it's only two posts down, for cryin' out loud).

No, really, go ahead.

I'm serious.

Alright, you're back.

See, the transition from crappy dining room to stylish office, of which I was very proud, evoked an intense response from some readers. I'll even go out on a limb and call the reaction uncultured, bordering on barbaric.

To refresh your memory, my new office:

Mid-way through the comment marathon, I got this in my inbox from Brighid and Keith, presumably to show off her fancy desk:

Do you see it? Do you see the mocking? Do you see the reckless disregard for my personal design sensibilities and complimentary art selections?

Well, I didn't. She had to point it out.

Because it may be possible that I am as dumb as a chicken.

But now that I know she wasn't just trying to show me her cool desk, I can hear the two of them, cackling like a coven of decor hecklers, assembling the Pink Panther Art of Shame. When I close my eyes, I can picture them, searching for a way to diminish the impact of my Un Lapin Dans Le Jardin (a rabbit in the garden, you heathens). They just couldn't help themselves.

And that's fine.

I hope they can afford to pay for my therapy.

PS. At least I don't watch soap operas while I'm working.
PSS. If you missed it, too, think Pink.


Pieter said...

Christ, I can hear my mother twirling in her grave at the kitchen french!

Bird said...

OMG, I'm still laughing!

I'll have you know, not only is that Art (seriously, his name is Art) but it's also an antique. He's over 30 years old!

Justin said...

Brighid. Soaps on the embarrassingly large tv and a picture of a cruise ship on the grotesquely large computer monitor. Tell me one more time what it is you do for a living my dear? Mart. Think pink? Seems a little perverted for a public blog, but it's your blog. The pink panther on the hanger seems a little disrespectful to me as well, but it is no uglier than the dead rabbit on your wall. You 2 trading decorating secrets is probably not going to get either of you on the cover of "home" magazine. What your office needs is the stuffed head of some poor critter Steve has assassinated. I hear head of hog is all the rave now.

Bird said...

Embarrassingly large TV - $3000

Grotesquely large computer - $1000

Making me brother green with envy -PRICELESS.

Justin said...

Fancy electronics - $4,000.00
Fancy cruise ship - $1 billion
Keith spending 24 hours a day with Brighid - priceless (no really, you could not pay me enough)

Pieter said...

How large is that monitor anyway?

Isn't Keith's even more gargantuan?

Sigh, sign me up for the green club.

Denise said...

Brighid, go big or go home! Don't let them get to you....I have a 22 inch monitor on the pc and a 52 inch flat screen in the living room. Yes it's obnoxious but it looks fabulous! I've got your back on this one.

Bird said...

Yes, Keith's is bigger. I believe his monitor is 30 inches. I get the hand me downs as we grow.

Whassup D!! Big is beautiful when it comes to electronics in our house. And our TV is still smaller than my Mother in laws, hers is 60 inches!!!