Monday, April 28, 2008

A Weekend of Firsts

So a combination of work and having Mom and Dad here have kept me from the computer (in the best possible ways)...and today is no exception. I will spend more time updating and posting when the house is woefully empty again.

But, for now, a weekend of firsts for my kids.
Steve took Jack hunting during the youth only pre-season and they got a jake, Jack's first ever. He was very proud, as was his dad. The picture was taken in our backyard, part of ritual of picture taking after every hunt.

Don't ask.

Maggie and Libby performed in their first ever dance recital and it was awesome. It was sweet, and funny, and worth all the weekends I spent sitting at Nazareth College waiting for them. I love this picture...taken backstage before the show, before the costume "reveal".

That's it for now. I'm supposed to working (I'm in my room with the door shut while my parents tend to the babes) and I don't get paid to blog (yet).


Bird said...

Well congrats to Jack! And shampies for the turkey..

The girls remind me of you and I all dressed up for ballet! Damn we were cute. They look too precious (be sure to tell them I said that in case I don't like Jacks choice in NH's).

When dad finishes cleaning your house and mom finishes doing your grocery shopping please tell them I said Hi! :-)

Kim said...

Holy cow! Your girls look grown! Thanks for posting; I was starting to worry about you guys. :)

Tami said...

Wow, Mart. The kids are getting so big, and they look (or should I say ARE) so grown. Congratulations to Jack and the girls on their major accomplishments. Happy Birthday to Jack today too! Katy has requested that we call him this evening when we get home so you'll be hearing from us. Love you all tons!

Heather said...

What an incredible turkey! I have actually seen a flock of wild turkeys one time in my life and it was the craziest thing I've ever seen.

Em said...

Hi Mart!
What wonderful kids! And what a poor (big!) turkey.

Listen, I sent Flat Jack to a friend of mine in the UK, but on checking my post the other day I noticed that he'd been returned (addressee unknown - me and my scrawl!). I'm going to send him home myself from here. Well travelled Mr Flat, but not with much to show for it I'm afraid. Sorry.