Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Celebrity Home Tours

So, it took me a bit longer to get this up than I had hoped and I hope it doesn't take too long for the page to load. I had to resist the urge to point out EVERYTHING we want to change and all the trinkets and whatnots I have planned for all the sparse bits, but whatever. Here it is. Our new digs.

So, we'll start the nickel tour from the street. We are told that there are lots of perennials, so we're looking forward to the sprung of spring to see what we have. The porch is very quaint and our Amish/Adirondack furniture looks great on it (right next to the giant Staples box which I neglected to bring in the house before I took the picture).

This is the view of the back of the house, taken from behind the garage. Note the giant hot tub, a minor snafu in our contract negotiations. As I recall, it went something like this:

Sellers Ex-husband: "Yo, the hot tub is excluded in the price of the house, unless, of course, you wanna give me boat loads of money for it."
Poor Buyer's Husband: "Like, dude, we don't want your giant, budget-sucking hot tub, so you can load it up and take it with you."

Fast forward 3 excruciating months to the final walk through:

Poor Buyer's Husband: "Mmmm...that looks suspiciously like a giant hot tub on the deck."
Sellers Ex-husband: "Like, yeah...I'll be back for it when the weather warms up and my homeys can help me get it off the deck."
Poor Buyer's Husband: "Eh, well...no. You and your posse have until April 1st to haul it outta here. After that, me and the missus are going to do dirty things in it."

It's April 1st, suckah!!

Or something like that.

The entrance. Office behind me (not pictured...will be included in a riveting before and after montage this weekend) and living room to the left.

Corner of living room...surrounded by lots of stuff that still needs to be hung. Like Vinnie.

Looking at the family room from the kitchen.

Family room (no before pic, but the back wall was dark green and the side walls were white). Taken from the kitchen.

Kitchen sink side of island.

Fridge side of island. Hallway to the left leads to laundry room, powder room and garage.

Close up of kitchen border...lovingly painted by aforementioned ex-husband's sister-in-law, less lovingly named "one moose, many meese" by Poor Buyers and promptly put on the to-do-list (will be painted the same color as family room).

Where the magic is supposed to happen (our room, folks). Now THAT is green...and on the chopping block.

Maggie's room. Very blue, but fortunately matches her new comforter. Relegated to the "when-we-get-to-it" painting list.

Libby's room...blue does NOT match her comforter, but also sits solidly on the same list as her sister's. The cloud curtains will also be replaced.

Jack's room...inspired by dead critters and the desire to be invisible. An actual dead animal (one of Steve's deer) is planned for over the headboard, but they may wait until Mom and Dad leave (not sure how they'd feel about an animal watching them sleep).

The kids part of the basement.

Steve's part of the basement.

Eh...my part of the basement?

Not pictured in the interest of, well, interest are two and half baths and a laundry room.

Yawn. I'm tired. Tour's over.

*** Edited to add that the colors are a little off. The family room is actually a bit darker, grayish-green. And our bedroom is decidedly aqua-marine greenier...if that's possible. And Steve is already itching to finish the basement.


Denise said...

LOVE IT!!!!! And you better be calling me when the folks are here. Just be sure to hide the scissors if Giana is with me.

Martine said...

Thanks, Denise! I'll definitely be calling when the folks arrive (3weeks from yesterday), but don't wait until then to stop by! C'mon over any time (swing by after work tonight)! Also, Steve looked into getting a DBA for me...looks like I can get a form at Staples (maybe) and can file for it in the mail. Anyway, I'll be in touch about where to get a pedal, etc.
Talk to you soon!

Bird said...

What fanciness you live in!!! I love it love it love it!!!
Have you ever cooked in a kitchen so big?

I don't think it's right that Jack sleeps in the same size bed as Keith and I do.

Sorry to say looks like you got screwed on your part of the basement. Looks like you need to take up guitar (that's ggeee-tar in Texan).

-Your hot, skinny and soon to have a new nose sister... Bird.

Martine said...

Until very recently, the girls called it a cah-tar. I'd just gotten over Libby not calling a hamburger a hangaburger anymore, and having to stop asking Maggie to say "stinky skunk"...tinky kunk...'cuz she says it right. So sad. They're getting so big.

Jack think he's the king in that bed. He may even let you guys sleep in it when you visit. When are you visiting?

Martine said...

Also, Brighid, since I have no moved and will quickly run out of blogging material (whining material), please send before pictures your deviant nose and after pictures of your compliant nose.
My readership (all 10 of them) thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is AMAZING! Something I can't really get over is that you live in Suburbia and have no fences. None! You'd struggle to find that in sunny SA.

Just tried to redeem SA by taking a picture of the sunset from our garden. And of COURSE it came out beautifully. And of COURSE I can't find the cord to download the pictures. I bet it's in my husband's laptop bag. Are you sure you're not keen on a trade? He can say funny things like "Meese" too, you know!

Actually, on second thoughts, if I don't keep him I'll never find the cable and am doomed never to share my pictures again. I take it back.

Still, Vinnie would love it here. Think about it.

Bird said...

Nose pics will be done, both before and afters. Meeting with facial plastic surgeon this month. Can't decide whether to do it pre or post Alaska. Think he'll throw in a eyelid and brow lift and call in medically necessary? Then there's the boobies...

When I come visit your son will be thrown out of his room and space will be made for me and the Vinster! I will bring my doggie sling and carry him around for you.

Em said...

Above 'Anonymous' comment from your Cuz.

Pesky fat fingers. Just had to write 'fingers' three times. Pesky wine.

Bird said...

Who the hell is anonymous and why are they trying to steal Vinnie from me?!?!?!

Bird said...

Em, you traitor! Steal one of your mom's hundreds of dogs!

I'm headed to Texas wine country tomorrow (stop laughing, they have wine here..not very good wine....)
so I will see what your life is like for a brief moment.

Em again said...

PS. Just noticed that my comment says that I logged it at 1pm. I'm NOT a midday drinker (during the week!). It's 7pm here, so it's MUCH more respectable.

Em said...

Bridge, you already have a dog. And my Mum's dogs are her LIFE! I'd never steal from my Mum. Plus she's got Great Dane-cross Boer Bulls. HUGE. No thanks.

Em said...

Forgot to say 'enjoy the wine'. If you really want to enjoy some wine, why not come get said new nose here? It's MUCH cheaper (plus holiday and decent wine and ME!)

Martine said...

I will put Vinnie in a box this weekend. I'll punch air holes in the top and put some food and an air freshner in with him. You might want to have some wine before you open the box at your end.

When your husband finds the cord (I'm definitely not trading now...my husband is far too organized to lose things. Except keys. And a wallet. Twice.) please email your sunset picture and I'll post it on the blog.

Also, I keep forgetting to email your Mom, so when you talk to her, please direct her here so that she can see the gushing and thanks I sent for the copious Flat Jack postcards she sent. I hope she doesn't think I'm a complete ingrate! 'Cuz she's da bomb.

Love you!

PS...Brighid, if you bring your sling with you, I'm going to climb in it and make you carry me around. Just sayin'...

Bird said...

Someone in my family has a Boerbol? I WANT IT. Even better if it's mixed with a great dane! Question is... how do I get it in a sling? And will it fit in my puppy pram?

Mart, no sling for you, but I will push you in my puppy pram.

Tami said...

Thanks for the tour and for posting all of these pics of the house! It's almost as if I'm there. The house and yard are so beautiful and I LOVE what you've "done with the place". (Haha!). Love you guys so much and can't wait to REALLY see it and hang with ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mart,

Great house ... lovely curb appeal! Looking forward to the 50 cent tour (the real thing)! Congratulations and enjoy! Hope to see you soon.


Martine said...

Thank you, Tami and Lori! Looking forward to giving you the full price tour!

Justin said...

Good tour. Some of the colors are fascinating, but they would blend just fine in some African mud hut village. You can vouch for me on this, right Em?
Brighid. If you had a Boerbol, would it not make more sense to have it carry you around in a bag? Either way, stay the hell away from me when you do it as I do not want to be associated with that much crazy.