Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trouble In Paradise. Please Pray.

I'm not sure how to begin this post, so I'll just jump right in. I have suspected that something wasn't quite right with Dad since they landed. He's had moments of spaciness...somewhat glassy eyed and behaved suspiciously at times. There have been bouts of sniffiness and an altered, almost nasally, voice. Since it's clear my siblings have ignored these puzzling symptoms, I decided to do some investigating myself.

And my findings are not pretty.

It's pot. And it's big. And I caught him in the act.

Here he is, doing pot. At my kitchen table. From my best soup pot. He says he's inhaling "Vicks Vapors". Something about severe allergies and a blocked nose. Sure, Dad. That's steam above your head. Yeah, I get it. He even tried to blame me for boiling the water too long and scalding his delicate skin. The nerve!
And to make matters worse, he has an enabler. See her in the background, taking pictures? Looks like she trying to document what must have been a pretty good batch.

Makes me sick.

So, please pray for him and his unseemly habit.

And while you're at it, please say a quick prayer for another upcoming biopsy. He received a call from his oncologist a couple of days ago with the results of his last PETscan. The glowing that was previously seen and biopsied in late June/July is still there, possibly a little bigger and perhaps a little more intense. As you know, the results of that biopsy were negative for cancer cells, so we expect the same again, but his docs want a deeper investigation to be sure. So, oncology appointment on 11/5 and surgical consult on 11/18. Please keep them both in your thoughts.

Even if they're potheads.


Bird said...

Dad's doing pot? And he's not sharing? I drive him to the airport, I watch his precious dog, I pick him up from the airport... I think I deserve or at least I have earned a little pot. I don't need the big pot, I'll be happy with a medium pot. I have "allergies" too you know.

The Butterfly said...

This is a comment from the butterfly and I hate that you caught us in the act. We tried to keep the "nasties" to ourselves. Isn't it amazing that vicks is still the best treatment for bunged up noses!We are having a very happy time here in spite of pet scan results. I really do not want to go back just yet.However the sooner things get sorted out the better we will feel.The grands are very grand and fun to be around.
Love to you all.

Tami said...

Who are you kidding Bird? He is already sharing with us (well with me anyway) and THAT'S why we haven't said anything to Mart. I was hoping to avoid decreasing my "cut", but I guess it's too late for that now... ;)

Martine said...

Can you imagine the gall? Right under my nose.

I have notified the proper airport authorities (Mom and Dad), so there will be no need for either Brighid or Tami to expect any "souvenirs" from their trip.

Denise said...

Now can we please clarify on how severe the situation is? Is he just doint a small stock pot or has he moved to a 12 qt? Please don't say he's into the crock pot because i'm sure there is no treatment.

Bird said...

Oh yeah, if it's crock pot then there is no hope. The time release effect is much harder to ween off of. Imagine, 8-10 hours of high, what that does to the brain?!

Martine said...

Denise!! I meant to call you last night!! Forgive our lack of communication...we've been so busy (doing what, I'm not sure).

Please come over if you can (tonight or tomorrow night...Mom and Dad would love to see you).

We could stage an intervention. Bring a collander.

The Butterfly said...

We are NOT sharing! Get your own stock pots.You are all very disrespectful youngsters and will receive no pot(s) in our wills.Well, it's time for my "fix" so bye for now. Hope to see our other daughters,Denise and Traci before we head off to Texas.

Bird said...

Mom sounds crabby. Mart - you must have run out of munchies.

Pieter said...

Now you gals know how I felt when you hid your pot and refused to share it with your closest kin! Not even a hint as to how you could get a little extra for poor old dad.

All those "holier than thou" looks -- taking care to avoid breathing on me -- hiding your little pot under your sweat shirts -- watching me struggle along on the painful straight and narrow, having only the pot that stretched my belt.

Shame on you callow creatures!

Now I have my own pot!

AND it is a 4 quart pot!

AND I won't share!

So how's them potatoes, eh?!

Or is that tomatoes?

Or should it be apples?

Aaahhh --- who the f*@k cares, eh Mr. Caterpillar? Another puff eh?

Martine said...

See? Told you he was high as a kite.

Bird said...

Don't let them have access to the roof. At some point they'll reach that stage where they think they can fly.

Denise said...

Seriously, I would love to stop by tonight and play a little puff puff pass with the folks but unfortunately I have been home with a cold for two days trying to get well for Halloween because I don't think Giana would be too sympathetic with me home in bed and leaving her to trick-or-treat with Jerrod. I am sending my love to all!!