Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wilson and Other Stuff by Bird

I’ve been meaning to blog for a long time now. However our lives have been consumed (more than usual) by work, specifically because of the elections. And the closer we get, the more desperate our customers get. Everything is backordered, creating a panic amongst the campaigners and vendors who have just 3 weeks left to get their point across on a button. Our sales to both sides are fast and furious. And I don’t need to look at an electoral map to see what the battleground states are. Between Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Florida we’re keeping plenty busy! When it comes to making money, we are bi-partisan. I will note however, the “Red State” people (McCain-ers for non-us) are a hell of a lot nastier to deal with than the Blue Staters. They are just plain mean and rude. Manners people!!
Sometimes I want to ask them what Baby Jesus would think if he could hear them now….
We’re so busy we finally came to our senses and hired a young man to work part time. He’s supposed to be learning how to ship product by now, but we’re running out of stock faster than we can count it, so he spends his days over a counting scale while I spend my days in the shipping room. To give you an idea of a typical delivery we get from the factory – here’s one we got this Friday. 58 boxes, 2500 pounds of steel - note the box inspector….

Speaking of Wilson. This weekend we took him on a field trip to Dallas Heritage Park, just south of downtown. It’s this beautiful 13 acre park in the middle of the hood that features “old timey” life with houses, banks, general stores, settlement that depict life from the 1800’s to the early 1900’s. Kind of like a super mini Colonial Williamsburg. We packed all the essentials (water, dog treats, portable water bowl, poop bags, extra leash) and made the great trek. Wilson couldn’t have had more fun. He saw his first chicken, first cow, first sheep and first donkeys. He was most impressed with the chickens and I had to fish more than one giant rooster feather out of the back of his throat, much to his disgust. The donkeys, they just scared the crap out of him. They were very curious about him, he much the same at first. Until they came nose to nose, then Wilson didn’t think it was so cute. One snort from the donkey that blew his ears back, covered his face with donkey snot and he was tail down, whining and trying to melt into my chest. I just can’t picture this dog hunting badgers….. A good time was had by all, despite the donkey assault.
Chickens! I smell Chickens! I see Chickens! What the hell is a Chicken?!?

How you doin?!

Seconds before the Donkey Snot Assault.

Once the elections are through we are off for a 3 day retreat from the real world. We’ve rented a house out in East Texas, in the middle of a pine forest right on Lake of the Pines. All we need to bring is food. 3 days with no phones, no computers and no cable TV. Just long walks with Wilson, fishing off the dock, reading, eating, sleeping and recovering. Here’s a pic of the cottage we’re staying at:

That ends my blog for now. Happy Halloween!

PS - 17 days til my birthday, 22 days til elections, 73 days til Christmas and 99 days til Bush is out of office - Hallelujah!!


Martine said...

Hallelujah, indeed! For all the things you mentioned and for your post! Even I was getting sick of looking at my three!

Wilson is the picture of cuteness. should know that the outcome would have looked totally different if that were Vinnie. He's been hanging from the poor donkey's nostrils, teeth sunken in to it's sinuses, completely oblivious to snot or other fluids. And the chickens? Forget about it. He'd be flossing the donkey nasal hair from his teeth with a chicken bone. But that's just Vinnie.

The cottage looks amazing...and tranquil. Can I come?

Bird said...

I'm afraid Wilson is no donkey killer. He has his mothers tendancies of being an animal lover. One glance from Vinnie and my dog would faint.

You can come with us. I need someone to do the cooking... my vacation house does not come with a houseboy.

Pieter said...

Pshaw! That donkey would have used Vinnie to kick the touch down conversion. Especially now that the Vin is semi-fangless. Not, mind, that any of mine would do better. Buddy would on first sight scream the place down, and the Corgi would crap itself tight-lipped and pinchy-faced.

There is that houseboy thingy again. Would that be Houseboyus Emilyii Africanus var. Americanus?

kem said...

Aiishh - my name is Philemon 'blackboy" Mbatha and I can cook and clean - mieliepap and sour milk - if I can hijack airtaxi would be there like a shot the cottage looks great