Sunday, January 13, 2008

Flat Jack

So y'all know about Flat Stanley, right? Stanley flattened himself to fit into an envelope and sent himself around the world.

Or something like that.

Well, somewhere in my beloved South Africa is Flat Jack. As part of a class project, Jack created a paper version of himself. I have seen him on his classroom website and he is rockin'!

Anyway, Flat Jack was first sent to Swaziland to my aunt Winky (who's married to Wiggy...both given those nicknames long before they married...who'da thunk, eh?). Jack was so thrilled to have one of the only Flat people to leave the United States.

And to a place where people run naked with the lions, no less!

Sorry...couldn't resist. Just had to mock two stereotypes that we heard more than once upon our arrival in the States.

I had a couple of reservations about sending Flat Jack to South Africa. The first...what if he never showed up! I made sure the address I sent was clear, with the proper punctuation, etc...but wasn't sure if Jack would take his time and write carefully and legibly.

What if he ended up in some tribe in South America?!

Second, I opted not to warn my aunt (mostly because I thought it was just so darn cute and didn't want to ruin the surprise)...and wasn't sure if she'd toss it out without even opening it. I probably would have.

"What's this crap? Creditors don't even have the decency to write my name in the right place anymore?"

But...(drum roll, please)...

There has been a Flat Jack sighting is Swaziland!!

And he has apparently been sent on his way to Capt Town to my sweet cousin, Emily.


I am so freakin' excited!! For Jack, for his classmates and for me!! I can't wait for Jack to come home from school to tell me his class got a postcard from home. Flat Jack will surely be the most traveled dude in his class. And for that, I am so grateful!!

So, for my family in South Africa (Emily...I think you're the only one who reads pass the word along), thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to respond to the Flat Stanley project. I can promise you that Jack is so excited and will so appreciate you taking the time to report on Flat Jack's travels.

I am already touched beyond words that this little 3rd grade project is bridging the oceanic gap between the family and county I love and the family I'm raising. I'm sure I'm not supposed to be all sappy about it...but, well, hell.

I just think it's so damn cool!

So, if you've sent Flat Jack on his way or are anticipating his arrival...thank you.

So much!


Kim said...

I know a guy in a middle eastern country you could send Jack to. It may take a bit, but let me know if you want his address. :)

Martine said...

You know a "guy" in a middle eastern country? Do you have intimate knowledge of this so called "guy"? Does his name rhyme with beaven? Did I just make up the word "beaven"?


Thanks, Kim! I'll let Jack's teacher know...she may be interested.

Amber said...

Hi, I saw your post on DGM's forum about the hyperlinks, and to do it here, you just highlight the word you want to have a link, and then click the picture that is a world with the chainlink on it and put your hyperlink in there. I would have posted this on DGM, but for some reason gmail isn't working right now.