Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well, Crap

The seller's agent just stopped by (unannounced...I'm in my pajamas, thank you) to inform us that they've received a non-contingent offer.

Now we have three days to pull a giant rabbit out of our hat.



Emily said...

Back at work and getting my 'Martine' fix. Yay! And as I've missed the last 2 weeks it's been an absolute feast of words and news. Lovely.

We had such a lovely Christmas season. So different from yours as we lounge outside in our bikinis having 20 neighbours around for an impromptu lunch of Christmas Eve dinner leftovers under the tree on what used to be our wedding dancefloor. Much laughing, drinking and eating was had followed by a few dips in the pool, croquet and boulle. LOVED it and loved being with the family.

Right, now please will you explain to someone who does not own their own home what a non-contingent offer is.


Emily again said...

Oh, I forgot to wish you a Happy Christmas and prosperous 2008!

Sorry. First day back at work. My brain has been pickled by all the chardonnay. Not consumed at work, obviously.

Bird said...

I'm with Em, what's a non-contingent offer? I know it's not good (got the idea from the "crap and F@%*" comments. Remember, your mother knows how to hex things...

I'll call tonight.

Your sis.

Martine said...

I sent my own tss-tss to the other buying party. May the eggs of a thousand fleas nest in their crotches. strings attached. Must only qualify for mortgage to make offer. Much more desirable to a seller as they do not have to wait for the buyer to sell their home (the buyers).

Contingent...strings the size of anchor ropes attached. Our contingency is (was) that we had to have a non-contingent offer on our house to schedule a closing on the new house. Now we will be praying to the saints that our house sells before we close...big worries...or we will be big time poor.

You follow?

ILY (both)

Bird said...

You smart grasshopper. Weedhopper (me) now feels smarter too. I hope Bumblebee (Em) smarter too.

Is the For Sale sign up?

Em said...

Feeling MUCH more in the know. Thanks soon-to-be-new-home-owner. Fingers remain firmly crossed on this side of the equator.

Brige, you know that Bumblebee is Mark's nickname for me?! Co-ink-i-dink.


Bird said...

No I did not. How weird is that. It means my powers are finally coming to the surface. Soon I will be able to bend spoons by just looking at them.