Friday, May 16, 2008

Lunch Conversations

Libby: Mommy, can I tell you a secret? Can I be a veterinarian like Chrissy**?

Me: Of course you can. Every town and city needs lots of veterinarians to take care of our animals.

Libby: OK. I'm only going to only eat fruits and vegetables from now on

Chrissy: Yes, I'm a vegetarian, too. Can I have some ketchup for my hot dog?

Maggie: I think I'm going to eat vegetarians, too.

***Name changed to protect her from her possibly vegetarian parents.


Bird said...

Tell them vegetarians have to eat spiders. Dublin sandwich.

Winks said...

I am surprised that you didn't know that veterinarians ate vegetarians - we all know that in our little African Kingdom! And I know that from personal experience, having several veggies in the family! And they all love Dublin sarmies.

Pieter said...

Ach zo, Winks, I am so glad you have accepted the family secret! Have you met them all?

winks said...

Piet, have we met all of who/what? Family? That's why I want to visit. Unless you are talking about the vegetarian vet sarmies filled with dublins...little girls love those!

Pieter said...

OK, When you come to visit we can discuss the family veggies.