Sunday, August 24, 2008


Another busy week under my belt. Here are the highlights:

* Found out very unceremoniously that I'd be put on a new project at work. One that sucks monkey balls. One that woke me in a cold sweat more than once. Sigh. I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up (besides independently wealthy).

* Jack fractured his second metacarpel bone in his left hand. He was playing with a group of kids from the neighborhood and took the full weight of a much bigger girl on his hand. We iced it over night, but decided the following day that the swelling looked a little too distinct and needed to be x-rayed. The fracture didn't require setting and he's to wear a brace on his wrist for a couple of weeks. He's got some interesting bruising to show off when he goes back to school.

* Hosted Maggie and Libby's birthday party at Build-A-Bear Workshop, with 12 little imps in attendance. For those who aren't familiar, kids can choose an animal, stuff it and dress it in clothes more expensive than the ones I was wearing. Well, that is if you go to a rich kid's party. Mine got to choose a $10 or $12 animal...and took it home naked. Maybe when I'm independently wealthy they can get some underwear.

* I watched the Olympics...a lot. Much of it was aired when I should have been sleeping (or having nightmares about work). I'm typing with one eye on the closing ceremonies right now.

* We had our bedroom painted. The sea foam green is a distant memory. Pics to follow.

I think that's it. Too tired to type...


winks said...

The brace is of very little consequence back at school - should have been a full arm cast to the shoulder! But the bruising will earn Jack enormous points!

Bird said...
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Martine said...
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Martine said... I deleted Bird's case anyone in my neighborhood ever finds my blog. Then I responded and ended up being I deleted that one, too. But, I do like the appearance that my blog is so exciting that comments must be monitored. So cutting edge and controversial.

Bird said...

At least you and I think alike. Offensively! :-)

Pieter said...

OK, I admit it, I was curious as to the deleted comments. After all, other than the odd Anglo-Saxon adjective/adverb/noun/verb, how inoffensive can a family site get?

And I remember how proud we were when you started showing signs of thought. And relieved.

No offense intended of course!

And - what was the Bird's objectionable comment? I am ready for anything cutting edge and controversial in this bloody, bloody, election year.