Friday, August 1, 2008

Thank you!!

What an amazing experience ! My email was filled with messages of love and “I’m with you” from all over the world. It is humbling to know how much you all care. Each and everyone of you made a difference, and I hope that you feel the power of your gift to me; may your thoughts reframe your own lives on your journey to your highest expression.

Despite my certainty that nothing evil was lurking on my rib or spine, I do admit to a huge sigh of relief, which was luckily masked by the noisy emotions of my two supervising family members (Butterfly & Bird).

And now for something totally mundane. It is a sort of housekeeping.

I have had an avalanche of requests for a picture of my facial hair. There were at least two at last count, and so let me use Mart’s blog to satisfy, and stem, this flood.

This picture was taken by a most comely photographer whose hand is many projects, this for a little known glamour magazine for the cover of their winter 2023 edition. I was oh-so-lucky to escort this model (in a coral twin set top, provided by JCPenney) to a premier performance of modern and free dance, debuting Ms. Libby and Ms. Maggie. The performance was somewhat biased to free dance, and had tones of the art form modern non-rhyming poetry, and was performed with zest and feeling. The American Dance Theatre is in good hands. Please do not distribute this pic and so decrease its impact on publication. Thank you so much.

Lastly, I am in the process of setting up a personal blog entitled " ... my compass points ..." (so aptly named by this blog's owner). My focus will be ways to save the planet, humanity and civilization. It will be filled with insignificant trivia, and be a guide on how to have your collection of books on awakening your inner magnificence actually work for you.

Which of course brings to mind that all those who can, have reached the Adept level, are dirt poor and on a remote mountain top. Those who cannot, run seminars, write books, and count their money. By the way, don't try to find this erudite blog just yet. It will be up as soon a my self help book gets published.

Love & Light to y'all!


Denise said...

My dear man, you are pure genious and look fabulous as well! What a striking couple. Love and miss you both.

Bird said...

You handsome devil!

You know a lot of fancy words.
Genious (had to look at Denise's post to spell that one) for sure!

Winks said...

Hey, Healthy Piet!! That is such a Nicolaus Kiefer look!! Take Butterfly's mascara...

Love you

Pieter said...

Hey, WD!!

Nicolaus who?? I don't kow whether to be flattered or miffed.

Love you too.

The Butterfly said...

I for one am not enamoured with facial hair (no offence Wiggy) but better half may do whatever takes his fancy! Mascara cannot do much about the head of silver hair so better keep all uniform. I could no doubt compete with his F.H. but I vigorously tweeze daily.Most annoying part of ageing among all the other signs.