Thursday, August 28, 2008

Em, Dad or Brighid....Insert Post Here (anyone? anyone?)

Good Lord, people. I am so busy right now. Work is very stressful and taking a lot out of me. My kids start school next week and I'm feeling like a heel that their last week of summer has been so lame. Poor things. They'll be so ready to go back...thanks, Mommy.

Besides phone whoring...

It's 11:42pm and I just finished a couple of projects to compliment the girls' newly painted bedrooms (yes, that's right...3 rooms in a's time for some before and afters!). I'm talking canvas, many tubes of paint, polka dots and wooden letters, folks! I am such a Martha Stewart rookie...but I've had fun.

Except for the part where I ripped off my big toe nail moving Libby's bed. That wasn't fun. It hurt like hell and I used lots of inappropriate words...loudly. I should take pictures of my feet now. It's disgusting. No one would notice my freakishly short toes.

Anyway, just ran across my new mantra...truly (only moments ago). These will be the words I live by...

"Is this the mountain you want to die on?"

Without getting all profound and shit, I really do think this is the way to live. Don't sweat the small stuff, choose your battles...and pay attention to the important things.



Denise said...

Good for you sistah!!! Love your mantra.
Sorry to hear about the toe, that will definitely leave a mark.

Pieter said...

Ripping out toe nails is a favourie torture method. It is Bloody painfull, so you all my sympathy! (Has the Bush crowd figured this out and used it yet?)

... getting profound and shit? Did I read that right? Profound and shit? You'd be a peasant if you weren't a blood relation!