Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Introducing Em...

You have understand that this is my first time. I am a blogging virgin.

I thought I'd introduce myself and 'set the scene'. Even though most of you are family members, the last I saw 'the kids' (Birdshit, Farteen and...Justin, what's your nickname?) was a decade ago. A DECADE! Good Lord.

So, this is going to be short:

What is an intro without photos. As they say, a picture says a thousand words, which is fortunate considering my inexperience with blogging. Here we have my husband, Mark, and myself dancing on our veranda. We have a ball together. Bless his cotton socks (and thinning hair). Am totally smitten.

Okay, that's not exactly fair. Here's a better picture of him and as an added bonus we get the hunky Wright brothers too. Joe (left) has recently been employed by my brother-in-law, which could well turn into an entire entry on its own. Bruce (right) is living with his girlfriend in London.

Back to setting the scene: Welcome to my garden. The two of us live in little slice of paradise. We're on a wine farm in Stellenbosch, a town just outside of Cape Town. The farm is the highest farm on the Helderberg mountains, which faces Cape Town, so the view is fantastic. The mountain range you see in the distance is the side profile of Table Mountain. Lucky, lucky us.

View looking the other way. The big 'bulge' on the left of this range is the mountain that Mark, I-don't-run-for-the-phone, climbed to ask Dad for my hand. Aaaaaaaw.

For Heaven's sake, this takes a helluva lot longer to do than I thought. And I just got a message that said this might not save. What??!! It had better bloody save.

So that was a start. At least you have the setting. Right, it's time to head home. I'm supposed to be walking on the farm with a friend, but it's raining, so I think we'll exercise our right arms with a glass of (unmeasured) wine instead. So, cheers.

Ta da! I've finally managed to Preview this entry. I'm pressing 'Save'. My blog 'flower' has officially been plucked.

Looking forward to more entries now that I know the ropes.


Bird said...

Yaaaaaayyyy!!!! Hello Em!!!
I love your pictures. You are surrounded be very handsome men for sure. And your vineyard, sickeningly gorgeous! Wait til I show Keith. We'll be booked on the next flight to Cape Town. I believe your first blog is a total success! Love you!
Bird - also known as Brig, Bawdy, Biddy Liz and BeBe.

Martine said...

Oh, it's just a crying shame those Wrights are so hard to look at. And that husband of hers...OUCH eyes!

The last 10 years have been very good to you, Em. You're beautiful, your husband is adorable (hey, if your mother can ogle mine, then I can ogle yours) and your little patch of the planet is breathtaking!

Looking forward to regular posts!

Winks said...

TODAY IS FARTINE'S BIRTHDAY!!! What a birthday present you have given all of us with this blog - thank you! I missed your hunk's birthday earlier in the month. Sorry, but hope he had a good day.

If you think Em's photos are beautiful, then you should see their pad in real life! When you all go rushing off to visit her, I will be there too.

Winks said...

And PS...

Am I lucky girl to have such a fabulous family??

Bird said...

You are a lucky girl to have such a fabulous family.... that live in such fabulous places... with hunky husbands...

The Butterfly said...

Great blog Em,and even greater pictures. What a handsome lot you are--Em you are beautiful and fun! You and Mark sure live in paradise.I am determined to visit you there oneday.Winks you are beyond lucky,you live in a beautiful place and visit Em in an equally gorgeous setting.Martine is now the age I was when we moved here to the States.Look at all the wonderful people we have added to our family!! We are so blessed. Mart may there be many birthday breakfasts for you and Steve.Love you all here and there!

Pieter said...

Em, what IS that man doing to you? Are you scarred for life?

Welcome to Blog world; you made your publishing debut with aplomb! I look forward to seeing your literary skills blosoming here.

You live in a small corner of heaven! Do you commute to Cape Town everyday? Stand by for a family invasion; I have just added the Western Cape to our next itinerary again.

I'm so looking forward to seeing you again and giving you a giant hug.

Love to you both.