Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Aw...thanks all, for the birthday wishes, etc. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Or is that my Almaden Mountain Burgundy (cheap Merlot)?

Emily said I didn't have to measure tonight.

My day started out smashingly. Libby woke me up with breakfast in bed. A frosted, cherry pop tart, which we shared.

A short while later, Maggie and Jack appeared with this.Scrambled eggs with shredded cheddar cheese with salt and pepper for taste, two slices of white toast, a freshly picked hydrangea from my garden and a tall glass of skim milk with a straw.

Shame. They burst poor Libby's bubble. She was clearly so excited to be the first to wake me up, to share a pop tart in bed and show off her handmade card, carefully folded with shells from Sea Isle City tucked inside. Not to be outdone (Libby will NOT be outdone), she crept up the stairs a few minutes later with this. Two slices of white bread (heavy on the margarine), TWO hydrangeas from my garden and giant glass of my staple beverage, Red Stuff (Fruit Punch Crystal Light) with a straw.

Sibling rivalry is alive and well at my house!

Anyway, I decided not to work today (although I really should have) and spent most of the day with my old neighbors, working on a virus laden computer, drinking pina coladas (really!) and being spoiled. I love my birthday and I LOVE presents!

Mom and Dad sent me an American Express gift card with like a million dollars on it (I've always known I was the favorite) which I plan to use to order the growing collection of pics I have loaded on Nothing makes me happier than updated photo albums!

Brighid and Keith sent a collection of treasures for the whole family. A book Steve's been coveting, Tinkerbell digital cameras and homemade buttons for the girls and some underwater disposable cameras for Jack (the only one NOT to share a birthday in August). She assembled a collection of her favorite things for me (which was so thoughtful and so, so awesome), one of my favorites being this:"Lincoln Park After Dark" nail polish. Because it makes me way (way!) cooler than my 38 years!

And shut up.

Before you dare to comment, much has already been made of my freakishly stubby toes. I've never actually seen them photographed, so the documentation of my abnormality is a little upsetting.

Yes. Short and fat. I know.

Even Vinnie got presents (his birthday is 8/15...same as my boss...coincidence? I think not.). He got all kinds of crazy ass organic chews from Iceland and the Land Down Under (just,freeze dried, fishy things, etc). Here he is enjoying a dried fish skin under my desk, from his cousin, Wilson.

And Justin (and Tami...but I'll let her off the hook. Her previous comment indicates something MAY be in the mail.) got me nothing. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

I'm going to kick him in the teeth next time I see him.

(and if Mom and Dad post comments claiming my birthday gifts for them were 2+ weeks late, it's just crazy talk).

Trust me.


Pieter said...

RE: Breakfast in episodes.

Awww - is there anything more heartwarming than your three gems knocking themselves out to shine for you? I think not.

Re: Favourite.

You have always been my favourite middle child and my favourite elder daughter.

RE: Toes.

I had a big toe like that once. I had dropped a twenty pound sledge on it.

RE: Vinny


RE: 2 (two) weeks late.

Really? that much? It seemed no more that 12 (twelve) days. well within the statute of limitations, love child!

And now for another candy and broke.

Pieter said...

Hmm, first again.

Lorna said...

Hi Mart. Sounds like you had a great birthday save those 'other' van Meets that are always, well almost always late with the goods! We say it gives us something else to look forward to.

Greetings Pieter! You may be the first to comment but I have to admit I check Mart's blog first thing every morning ... always looking for a new post and sadly disappointed when there isn't one there. So Mart ... you are clearly one of MY favourite fans! Keep the posts coming!

Have a great day. Lori

Bird said...

Your toes look awesome!! Slightly stunted in growth... but awesome!

I'm just back from Nashville (moving there one day) and my boy is curled up on my lap wishing he had a fish skin to chew (I'm too tired to get up). I hope the Vinster is still enjoying his goodies (has he had the tendon yet?) and the rest of the clan are getting good use of their new toys!