Saturday, August 16, 2008

They're SIX!

Oh, I'm such a sloppy mess. Not because it's the eve of my babies' sixth birthday, but because in preparation for this post I've spent the better part of an hour looking at my photo albums. I have an overwhelming need to post EVERY SINGLE picture I have of each of the three of them, because...(OH. MY. GOD)...they are so cute.

And because I've already forgotten so much.

I am actually someone who really does try to live in the moment, to sear the memory of the "now" into my brain. I can't tell you how many times in the past 9 years I've deliberately slowed myself, looked around, soaked in the details to make sure I never forget.

But I do. I have.

Chubby babies. Sucked thumbs and pacifiers. Chunky diaper butts. Soft curls and wispy blond hair.

All the firsts. First steps, first words, first nights in the big boy/big girl beds. First days of school. Just too many to count, and certainly too many to articulate.

Where did it all go? What happened to my babies?

Thank God I take tons of pictures. Their little lives have been so carefully chronicled in meticulous photo albums, and while it's sometimes been a burden to maintain them, I'm so glad I did.

So, to celebrate the sixth birthday of my sweet baby girls, I thought I'd share a few from the past 6 years. And you should know that this, my friends, was an exercise in restraint. There are so many great pictures, so many stories to tell and so many memories that may have slipped from my brain, but are so easily recalled, nestled deep in my heart.

This was taken on the morning of Maggie and Libby's birth. I love this picture, not because I look like I'm smuggling beach balls, but because Jack looks he's already been let in on a big secret. I was heading out the door to the hospital. I had no idea how totally changed my life would be.

This was taken moments before we left the hospital to bring those little creatures home. Jack was so sweet, so patient. Not much has changed.

The girls were about 4 or 5 months old in the this picture. Not missing too many meals!

Skipping ahead now...just over two years old here. Hanging out with Jack and his night crawlers.

Early summer 2005. Road trip to Ohio to visit their aunts.

First day of preschool, September 2006. I think this was probably the last time they let me dress them in complimentary outfits!

Early 2007...enjoying the snow.

Margaret Grace, July 2008.

Elizabeth Mary, July 2008

Happy birthday, Maggie and Libby! You are my heart and soul.

PS...Y'all have an open invitation to come and sit on my bedroom floor with me and look at stacks of photo albums. Anytime.


Bird said...

Happy Birthday Maggie and Libby!
May your days be filled with laughter and adventures and may God bless you both always.

I love you!

Your favorite Aunt Brighid

Bird said...

PS - Dude... you're huge!!! I can't imagine the hemorrhoids that went along with that pregnancy..

Pieter said...

I cannot imagine anyone writing with more heartfelt love. Comment is superfluous, and the catch in my throat must speak for me.

Happy birthday my perfect twins! I love you!

The Butterfly said...

What a beautiful tribute to two beautiful girls, and of course a very handsome young man.May there be very many more happy birthdays to celebrate and may there be many blessings on a truly lovely family.We do count our blessings frequently. How lucky can one family be with such a loving clan.Steve, Tami and Keith came and expanded we five and then came Katy, Jack, Libby and Maggie to complete the tribe!! Lets not forget all the four legged critters that have brought joy to us too! How rich we are!!Love you all!