Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear Gramma and Grampa

Suffice it to say we are thinking of you tonight, on the eve of Dad's second major surgery. You must know that you are in our hearts, in our prayers and in every thought. Dad, we will say a prayer for your speedy recovery and that this is the last time you ever need to see inside of a surgery suite again...ever. You have endured enough, and I feel very strongly that this will be it. Your cancer marathon will be done and the rest of your life will be waiting for you on the other side. Mom, we'll pray for your strength and perserverance to keep going, even went it seems too impossible.

The above is a quick word from your grandchildren, who miss you and will be sending their own brand of healing energy and love!

We love every sense and depth of the word.


Martine said...

Ugghh...I can't edit because this post was published directly from youtube. Perseverance! PERSEVERANCE! Well, whatever...I love you, Mom and Dad!!

Pieter said...

Aw! They are a treat. It is so good to see them in video, I hope you can do more of them.

You are with us the time - we love you so much.

Em said...

I'm sending all my happy hugs your way. And I'm really happy, so they're good quality ones. Keep us in the loop, Mart.

adventuresinhomeeconomics said...

Hey- I just found your blog via your comment on DGM. Just wanted to say that whatever his current status is, your dad and your family are in my prayers!

Winks said...

Those look like wonderful kids! I'm sure they must be as they come from a fantastic family...So excited about meeting you all next year! Can't believe so much can happen in 23.5 years!

Piet - sterkte, hou die blink kant bo, dit is die moeite werd!