Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thirty One

That's how many pictures I took over the holidays. Thirty one! I usually take that many in a single sitting!

How pitiful.

Slim picture pickings aside, we've had a great Christmas. Santa was very good to us (even if he didn't think the knitting kits all the way through...who did he think was actually going to teach TWO six year olds to knit?). The kids were spoiled (oh my!), my liver got pickled and my belly expanded in direct proportion to the latter two.

It's just disgusting.

I will be a strict diet and exercise regimen come Monday. I know I've previously threatened to take before and after pictures, but I think I'm really going to do it this time.

Anyway, back to the cherubs (cough, cough). Here's Libby at the Gingerbread Town at school. Each child in her class was positioned behind his or her masterpiece while the rest of the school traipsed by in single file. She was ever so proud.
Maggie's class made gingerbread people which were displayed in the hall outside her class. We took the assignment very seriously and her candy laden person needed extra reinforcements to stay up on the wall.
Jack's teacher is exceptionally patient and created a holiday party the kids won't soon forget. She organized games for the group, one of which was a relay race opening Hershey Kisses with mittens on. Jack has some how earned the nickname "Soup" at school, and it was so much fun watching him scramble to open candies while all the boys chanted "Soup, Soup, Soup". Here he is on Christmas morning (a picture I had to crop as he was in his underwear for most of the day...can you imagine what he'd do to me if I posted a picture of him in his underwear!?).
The folks down south (Dallas-ites) also had a great Christmas Day together. They claim to have missed us, but judging from the pictures I've seen our absence went entirely unnoticed. Brighid sent some gorgeous pictures of the 'rents. This one is of Dad, soaking it all in and looking ever so handsome.
This is a great picture of Mom and her fifth grandchild (Wilson-The-Dog). She has weathered a rough couple of years, but you'd never know it by how beautiful she looks.
Speaking of Wilson, here is a disgusting public display of affection between him and his new boyfriend,Justin. Fellas! Get a room!
And that's it from me! I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year's Eve, and that the best things in life come to you in 2009!


The Butterfly said...

What a great blog. You really have a way with words.The pictures are really wonderful,yes the one of me is a much better one than before. Thanks. The three kids are beautiful and handsome. I would love the pictures to show around.Justin and Wilson are a sight for sore eyes!Such love.Keith did a lovely job with framing the Christmas day ones.

Pieter said...


An unqualified "Wow" to photographers Mart and Keith - and to Keith's skills with Photo-Shop.

Yes I was absorbing two things - Nederburg Shiraz and Wilson frenching Justin - the former numbing the latter. A proud moment indeed.

It was a joyful Christmas day, one to remember with gratitude.

winks said...

Such beautiful family - I am proud to be a part of it!

But Holy Shamoly! I didn't know that Dallas was by the sea with palm trees galore! What a beautiful setting in the lurve scene! I'll bring my cozzie...

Mart, the Swazi auntie will teach the girls to knit, if you haven't already smashed the needles and nested the wool.

Hope the year is just fantastic to us all.

Love you all lots

Em said...

Happy New Year!! Loved the pictures - especially to see how healthy and happy everyone is.

I'm waiting for our New Years pics to be sent through and I'll post them. We had a 4 day trip rafting down the Orange River on the South African-Namibian border with 14 of our friends. Too much fun. And HOT (just short of 50 degrees on one of the days!) - I have heat rash on both my arms. Beautiful.

May 2009 be a ripper...

Bird said...

Keith did a great job photo shopping Justin and his boy-toy onto a beach in St. Maarten - my man has talents!

Love the pics of the kids - Jack is changing so much!