Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Libby got off the bus and announced that she wanted to shovel the driveway. We'd had about an inch of the heavy, slushy stuff and she wanted to help Daddy by having the driveway clear before he arrived home from work. Steve pulled into the driveway to Libby wielding a giant shovel, wearing her knee high pink boots and a Santa hat.

What a welcome sight!

Once back inside, Libby settled in for a little after school TV, only to be harrassed by her twin. Maggie flitted about, obstructing Libby's view often and relentlessly enough that she lept up from the couch, tackled her and gave a her a closed fist punch to the back. They were both sent to their rooms immediately...Maggie for taunting and Libby for the back-to-front knuckle sandwich. Libby stomped off, begrudgingly accepting her punishment. Maggie flailed about the family room floor until I started to count to three, threatening to double her room time. To which she slammed the TV remote onto the coffee table, realized she meant to be more dramatic, picked it back up and threw it on the floor. For good measure, she turned around and kicked my Christmas candle off the table across the room.

She didn't come out of her room until dinner.

And Jack just sat there, doing his spelling.

I'm leaving all my riches to him.


Martine said...

Well, to go to bed in hysterics is a good thing.If only a video could have been there to document all three actions!Not to forget one of Libby shovelling in santa hat and pink boots.Do hope remote and candle survived the onslaught? At this rate Jack will be a wealthy man oneday.No matter what those three are priceless.

The Butterfly said...

That wasn't Mart it was me, the butterfly

Bird said...

I would give serious consideration to removing all valuables out of twin height. And keep an eye on Vinnie....

But I must admit, I like Libby's style.

Martine said...

Mom...I still think it's funny. And yes, I so wish I had a video of it. Maggie has some big turn around and KICK a candle off the table...right in front of me! She was so mad at me (and I at her), but it was still so funny.

Brighid...Libby went to school in the cutest outfit today...a bright orange/navy blue corduroy skirt with coordinating shirt and tights. And pink sneakers.
"Libby, would you like me to find some other shoes for you?"
"No thank you."

Pieter said...

The twins have enough spirit to start a spontaneuos fire!

Denise said...

If I do recall Maggie's Aunt Brighid had a tendency to be more on the dramatic side as well!!! That's an awesome story.