Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fourteen and Counting

Fourteen years ago today I thought we'd be living in the McMansion of our dreams by now. Today we live in the same house, the house our dreams created.

Fourteen years ago today I thought I'd be a captain of industry or a noted English professor. Today I have achieved so much more. I am the queen of my house.

Fourteen years ago today I hoped I would be a mother. I couldn't have imagined that three of the most delicious and inspiring creatures would be mine.

Fourteen years ago today I was proud of my little waist and skinny legs. Today I miss them, but am humbled by my stretch marks.

Fourteen years ago today I thought we would celebrate our 10th anniversary in Hawaii. We celebrated it at home with a preschooler and twins in diapers. I'm not sure I thought of any anniversaries past that.

Fourteen years ago I knew I loved him. I could not have known how that love would grow in the presence of his children. I'm still in awe.

I'm damn lucky.

So much has happened in fourteen years. Milestones, hurdles, ups and downs.

I wouldn't change a thing (except maybe that dress...and those eyebrows).

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Bird said...

Congratulations to you both! Despite pencil jamming in the ears, wild children and deer carcasses hanging in the garage you both have prevailed! Happy Anniversary to my favorite sister and brother in law! We love you both!

Keith and Brighid