Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Fruits Of My Labor

Last night Steve and Jack took a ride to get trailer tires (can you say hee haw?) and the girls were content coloring in front of the TV for a few minutes. So I took the opportunity to make a few calls (whoring myself again). When I came back upstairs, this is what I found.


Is there anything cuter?

Maggie had pulled up the wooden box to the coffee table (coffee table, bench...tomato, tomahto) and had the kid's toy laptop set up. She had a pink plastic phone, a coloring book and a red pen. And she was making calls.

Making calls.

"I'm workin', Mommy, like your job".

She had her things set up just like I do. She was so proud, too.

So preshus.

Not to sound completely corny, but I really was touched when I saw her. And she was slightly embarrassed, but lit up when I made such a fuss over her eat-able-ness. I suspect, though, with her tenacity she will not be making calls someday, she'll be accepting them (but only from a select few).

Well, now I have a small confession to make, and I'd better come clean before Libby talks to Gramma. When I started this job, I tried to impress upon my three little sweeties that there would be times when they needed to quietly entertain themselves while I worked. I took advantage of a teachable moment, telling them that they would most certainly benefit from the added income if they gave me some space and quiet time to work.

To sweeten the deal, I offered a reward to each of them with my first paycheck if they could demonstrate to me that they could, in fact, shut up long enough for me to hear myself think.

So, my first paycheck arrived and we set out for a little shopping trip. Jack chose a camouflage stocking, filled with hunting crap (no surprise there). Maggie chose a big stuffed tiger. Again, not a shocker.

And Libby chose these (you might have to look closely...somewhere near her, um, ears).

Ssshhh...don't tell Gramma!


Bird said...

Pierced ears?! Oooh, you're in trouble with Gramma!!!!! What's next? Belly button ring? Tattoo?
Her own My Space page?

Maggs is too cute! Watch that she's not secretly on line shopping and disguising it as "playing mommy at work". I know your children, they're hip to the sneakiness. They take after their Aunt.

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow, does Libby want me to look out for Britney for an autograph?

Much love,

Martine said...

Ya know what's funnier? While I was toiling away in the basement office today, ridding my beloved pc (as opposed to the laptop) of a trojan worm, all three kids were playing office. I could hear them arguing...apparently Jack was the manager. And he was docking the girls $20 for being late.


I would have so been fired if he were my boss!