Wednesday, November 21, 2007

He Came To Get Her

She passed so quickly, so suddenly. None of us were ready. But apparently she was more prepared than we were, with loose ends discreetly tied up.

My aunt, Kinny, felt certain that Grampa had decided it was time for her to come home. To be with him. Forever.

So we believe that it was he who came softly to her bedside and told her "kom, Mama".

And she did.

Two years ago today.

We love and miss you both.

Mary and John Versfeld

Forever in our hearts.


Smoozee said...

Why do I feel teary eyed when I got up this morning, Yes that's it, a very important part of my life left this earth to enjoy her new life 2 years ago. As long as we remember them and keep them alive in our hearts and minds, they will never be gone. Love you G & G and thanx Mart for your special remembrance.

love E

P.S. Congrats on your Anniversary Yesterday. May you have many more happy and eventful years for us to read about.

Em said...

What an appropriate day to get back onto your blog. I got a new computer from the IT guys and naturally they lost my internet 'favourites' (amongst other things). Haven't been on in ages!

Such a mixed bag of emotions with knowing what today is. I miss Mamma and Grampa so much, but feel such a warmth in my tummy when I think that they are back together again. They were and are very loved.

And they would have LOVED your blog (although they may tutt-tutt at the occasional profanity - would have shocked the socks off them!). I can hear Grampa's 'hee, hee, hee' now.

Reading your blog been torture for me. Before you jump up and down I must explain: I am so swamped by work, so really should be tackling that rather than reading your blog, so haven't been able to laugh out loud. Have snorted, exhaled heavy breathy-laughter, fallen off my chair and nearly wee-ed in my pants. All I've wanted to do is throw out a raucous bellow. Too, too funny.

Pieter said...

My Compass Points ...

Love has never said more. Thank you for saying for us all.

Love you so much.

Bird said...

I echo the sentiments my girls (cuz's) have put to words. I miss them terribly and yet I'm happy to have 2 more angels watching over our families. Ouma, Oupa (wish I could have met you!), Gramma, Grampa and the hoards and hoards of pets that have passed are all together smiling down on us each and every day. Gives us all good reason to honor them all by living our best life possible every day. I love you all!


Martine said...

Very well said...they will never be gone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Yes...back together...very comforting. And yes, they may not approve of the odd foul language here, for sure! One of neighbors recently told me that swearing had little place in modern society. What the fuck does she know?

Thank you! You inspire me!

As I wrote the entry for Gramma, I also felt a strong need to recognize Ouma (and Oupa). I have already started an entry for the near future. Love you!

Tami said...

Beautifully stated Martine. I thought so very highly of Gramma (and Grampa) and loved them like my own. They are both missed very much.

Love you all lots-

Anonymous said...

Life is a journey of memories. Money, fame and the trappings of life come and go, but memories follow us to the grave. When i think of John and Mary, i am not saddened in the least. More often than not i have a quiet chuckle. They graced us with so much in life, and their gift is one that continues to give even in death. May we all be blessed with the grace, integrity, humor and love that was gramma and grampa.

Justin said...

Still learning how to work this thing. Anonymous would be Justin.

Martine said...

Nice Justin! Very eloquently put. You have a way with words, for sure!
Now you'd better bookmark the blog, read it and comment often!!

Denise said...

I must agree with Justin and say I think of them and chuckle. My fondest memories are hiding behind the house in Frisco so your grandfather can smoke his pipe "behind the barn" and your grandmother would just shake her head and was always aware of what he was up to. Brighid and I thought it was hysterical! I was blessed to have met them and your blog brought a tear to my eye today seeing those pictures.