Monday, November 19, 2007

Vinnie The Magnificent

This morning he woke me up at 5:52am and wanted to get in bed with me. This means getting out of bed to offer him a lift up. He slipped in between the sheets and aligned himself with the small of my back and my ample behind, trapping me between him and the edge of the bed. And he didn't move.

Neither did I.

At 6:40am he decided he was too hot and needed a breath of fresh air, and jabbed my nose with his beak on the way out.

At 7:11am he nearly jumped out of his skin when the alarm went off. And again at 7:20am when the snooze went off. More of the same at 7:29am.

At 7:35am he could no longer ignore his bladder and thought better of my dozing back off. So he swished his tail in my general direction, walked a complete circle around my head, then sat on my face.

It's a good thing he's so damn cute.


Bird said...

Got you beat. 5:05am I hear the quite whining from the crate next to my side of the bed. I ignore it. 5:08 it gets a little louder.
I still ignore it. 5:10 he uses all his body weight and throws himself at the crate door while letting our a cry that sounds as though all his toe nails were being ripped out. I stumble out of bed, find the eye drops as my contacts have glued to my eye balls, locate the discarded robe from the night before on the ground (meanwhile the assault on the crate door continues) and then reach down the free the little bastard. After 2 minutes of stretching before even sticking a foot out of the crate (which made me want to smother him with my newly found robe) he finally creeps out into my arms to be taken out. First I have to disarm the alarm then walk in the freezing cold to let him out. This is when he likes to play "hey, what's been in the yard while I've been sleeping?" After a good long pee and an ample poo he then wanders around sniffing the air, the grass, the patio all while I'm standing at the backdoor hissing his name as to not wake up the sleeping prince (Keith). He FINALLY arrives back at the door and allows me to gently carry him back to his warm crate where he crawls back in to his warm crate while I lie awake for the next 30 minutes until the alarm goes off. All of this, inspired by Vinnie the Magnificent. Thank you Vinnie!

Martine said...

And I bet your weiner smells better than mine. Old weiners are stinky. You'll see...