Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday To Do

Oh heavens. It's been a few days, hasn't it?

Thanksgiving came and went. We had a nice time with my in-laws, ate well and came home with a boatload of leftovers. The neighbors pie was tasty, but I think I would prefer one or the other...a pecan pie or a pumpkin pie. Not that I'm complaining.

I did manage to go shopping on Black Friday for a bit. Did some damage at Target and then later on the internet. We have a nice start to our Christmas shopping, and a tremendous jolt to my bargain hunting OCD. I can't tell you how many websites I've visited, how many deal hunting bulletin boards I've perused and how many cyber shopping carts I've loaded, then abandoned.

I can't help it.

I'm terrified to miss "the deal of the century"...even if it's for refurbished wrestling equipment.

In addition to searching for deals, I am in list overdrive. I have lists for things I've already bought, lists for things I'd like to buy and lists for things I wish I could afford. It's sad really. I even have a hard cover little notebook in my purse for my listing. AND...I taped an envelope in the inside cover for my receipts.

Can you say "loser"?

The kids are in the spirit of things, too. We have a daily pilgrimage to the mailbox to send pictures, sketches and notes to Santa. Our post office is amazing. Not only are our Santa letters picked up with care, we always receive personalized letters back from the fat man. It so cool!

So far the kids haven't produced the "official" list for Santa (they're not on board with list making yet...neanderthals), but as my secret hiding spot fills up, we are going to have to pin them down to avoid a last minute shopping crisis.

Alright, this was a little of nothing. But, if I am to feed my el-cheapo shopping habit, I must get on the horn immediately and qualify some leads!


Bird said...

Please do all my Christmas shopping for me. I have a scary feeling if I don't get started soon I'll just end up wrapping things I already own and hoping no one notices the candles already been burned, or the lipstick has been used or the shirt has a stain. Wait - reminds me of someone I know..... my husbands crazy sis-in-law. One year she gave me a scrap book kit. And most of the shapes and things had already been cut out. It's not a family unless it has a touch of crazy in it...

Martine said...

I passed along my favorite deal to Tami...for you. You're gonna love it!!!

I got you a Barbie. Maggie ripped it's head off, but it's still good.

Bird said...

OMG! I love beheaded barbies! Saves me the time of cutting that little bi-atches head off myself.

Martine said...

You need therapy.

Bird said...

Sad thing.... I'm in therapy.
Think I should ask for my money back?

Pieter said...

This has to be one of those proud moments in parental life.