Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

This post is loosely inspired by a cooking blog I read fairly regularly. The writer is a trained chef with an uber fancy camera. Each entry is splattered with amazing pictures of food I could never cook. But, I wanted to share my contributions to the Thanksgiving feast that awaits us at my inlaws.

Well, actually, the pie isn't really mine. My neighbors (both trained chefs) made it for us. But looks pretty and photographed well.

I am bringing a turkey (the "leftover" turkey so that everyone leaves with a pile of meat), homemade cranberry sauce, butternut squash and the pumpkin pie, which I plan to pass off as my own ('cuz that's how I roll).

And before you accuse me of missing the point of Thanksgiving, this year I am acutely aware of the many blessings in my life for which I am exceedingly grateful. The list is long, but in an effort to minimize the schmaltz, I'll cut to the biggies.

My children and my husband...who will have a lot of explaining to do when I'm finally committed to a room with padded walls, but who bring me my greatest joy.

My Dad...who has met every obstacle that his cancer diagnosis threw at him with dignity, grace and a single-minded focus to kick it's ass.

My Mom...who's given a few ass kickings herself this year and held her head high while doing it. You go, girl

My siblings...for being the type of people I would choose as friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bird said...

I just woke up from my triptifan coma. Happy Thanksgiving!