Friday, December 28, 2007

362 Days Until Christmas

Christmas was a hit and run over here. After less than 3 hours sleep, the kids tore through a mound of presents in seconds.

And just like that, Christmas was over.

I know most normal people leave their gifts under the tree for a few days for easy access and subtle bragging. But, since I am not normal, and I need to sell my house lickety split, we have sorted and stashed everything that Santa brought in a wow-those-closets-are-HUUUGE fashion.

The tree and all it's trimmings are even gone.

While I do like the look of a clean house, I do actually feel bad for the kids. I have vowed to myself that no matter how my impulses direct me to clean up, I will let them have their presents out for a few days next year. We will even leave the tree up until New Year's day. In the formal living room. Where I can close the pocket door to the mess.

Oh well. The next few days will be a flurry of cleaning and staging as the realtor will be by on Tues/Wed to take pictures and get the house officially listed. The owner of the house we're buying is sending her realtor over, too, as she is interested in taking a look. She is apparently in the midst of a divorce and needs to downsize in the same school district.

Wouldn't that be something?

Anyway, we are days away from 2008 and by all accounts it looks to be a good one. Dad had a baseline PETscan on Wed, and we have every reason to believe that all future scans will be remain the same. If all goes as planned, Mom and Dad will be New York State residents again this year. If nothing else happens, I hope this to be the highlight!

My brother and sister-in-law are IN LURVE again...a great joy to the rest of us who thought we might have the first divorce in the extended family (no, the joy isn't that we avoided being the first...duh). Get a room, for God's sake! ;-)

My sister and bro-in-law are heading to Atlanta for a trade show next weekend...the beginning of yet another (I'm sure) profitable year for their business ( Wilson, of course, will still be the prince (Vinnie is king, baby).

And us? Hopefully I get to send out the change of address postcards I've already spent too much time obsessing about (sick, I know). If we're embarking on an exciting moving adventure, there are no four people of the planet I'd rather be with than my husband and our trio.

As for the rest of you...Happy New Year! May your wildest dreams come true!

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Bird said...

Here's to a monster of a kick ass year for all of us! 2008 has a lovely ring to it! Merry, Merry and Happy New Year to all! Be safe and have fun!

Brighid, Keith and Prince Wilson (who just let out the deadliest fart on my lap imaginable). He is my dog. My eyes are watering....