Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Lost Weekend

The worm. Or trojan thingy. Or malware discontentitis.


That thing kicked my heiney over and over again. Just when I thought I had it licked, it reinstalled itself. I got so excited more than once, only to have my desktop disappear, turn red and a "DANGER" skull and cross boney thingy warning me that I may have spyware.

Ya think?

It took over 20+ hours (basically my entire weekend) of scanning, downloading, rescanning and posting sweet notes to some poor computer geek in Essex, England, begging for help to finally clear my infection (they don't mince words). For anyone who finds themselves in the same predictament, the folks over at do an amazing job. I guess they are all volunteers (with a paypal donation logo in each post...not so subtle) and have found a delicate balance between holding your hand and using terms that most dictionaries don't list. Anyway, I made a well deserved donation to Martin (ironic, eh?) only to find the exchange rate between the dollar and pound was quite favorable...for him.

I think it only confirmed to the dear boy that I'm an idiot.

But...onward and upward. We are sparkling clean again...ready to tackle this weeks topics.

Like how many times Brighid called me from Vegas to tell me she'd seen someone famous.

And how many times I sent my kids to their rooms because they went batshit crazy while I holed myself up in the basement office at the 'puter.

I will never run out of material for this blog. Never.

1 comment:

Bird said...

OK, how great was my weekend..
1. SUSAN LUCCI at the Venetian!
2. PETE ROSE at Caesars
3. JEAN-ROBERT (Survivor fans will know) at the airport.

Yeah, I know. You want to be me. Now, when I called Mart on Monday and said I ran into Johhny Depp while walking to my mail box she didn't seem to be as excited...

Let's also mention the $50 I put in a slot machine and turned it into $634!!!! Show me the money!!!
Too bad it was my father-in-laws $50 he asked me to gamble for him... but I did get to keep half!
Woo hoo!

Glad you're rid of your computer herpes. Maybe now you'll be more careful about what you're looking at on the internet... prevert.