Saturday, December 8, 2007

All I Want for Christmas is Russell Crowe

It's 11:08pm on Saturday night.

My face is stinging and my eyes hurt. Just got done watching Gladiator...again.

Those last 7 or 8 minutes.

"Lucius is safe."

That music.

"Honor him."

Gets. Me. Every. Time.

Tomorrow...Christmas shopping with Steve. I think my face will sting and my eyes will hurt by the time we get home.

At least I got me some Russell tonight.


Anonymous said...

sistah, get in line :p

Bird said...

I tried to watch Gladiator last night. Keith changed it as he didn't want to see it for the
"20th freakin time". Cry baby.
He's wicked yummy!!!!!!! He can whisper strength and honor in my ear long as he's wearing his little Gladiator outfit and is nice and sweaty from battle and we're on horseback galloping away from the centurions and he has one hand around my waist and the other is wielding a sword as he fights for my honor and then he kills them all and we come to a beautiful clearing where he gently lowers me down from his steeds back and takes me in his arms... holy crap. Where am I?
Oh yeah, time to sell the button machines.