Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Look What I Did

I was getting a little sniffly on the phone with Steve today about the overwhelming-ness of all this house stuff. I think it's generally pretty stressful buying/selling a house on impulse (reading the offer contract line by line, and realizing how many people have their grubby hands in your pocket before you even sign anything) but doing it one week before Christmas is bordering on certifiably insane.

But...whatever...Steve wasn't entirely unsympathetic, but I do remember something like "save the drama for yo' mama".

So after I hung up with him I decided to do something I've been thinking about for months.

I cut my hair. All of it.

At Supercuts for God's sake.

When I sat in the chair I was so sure it was exactly what I wanted. I didn't hesitate for a minute. And then the size 2, blond "cosmetologist" (who is probably young enough to be my daughter) started shaking.

And 10 inches of hair fell to the floor.

But I like it...so far.

And I really wanted to show it off to my readers. All two of you.

The thing is, I'm so vain I made everyone in my family take a different picture of me until I finally settled on one that didn't make me cringe. I would have asked Steve to keep taking pictures, but he wasn't feeling my angst, so the kids had to step in. Seriously. Seems I've got myself a nice set of jowls and my very own Paris-Hilton-Wonky-Eye, so I had to keep cocking my head just so and trying to make my eyes look uniform.

It was exhausting. Even the kids got sick of it.

Then after dinner, I had to make the rounds to all my neighbors to show off the new do and fish for more compliments. They all told me it looked "cute" and "darling"...and that I look years younger (I'm never moving).

So, there you have it. My impulse action for today.


Kim said...

10 inches! Did you save it for Locks of Love?

It looks cute.

Emily said...

Mart, you look EXACTLY like you did when I came to visit. Exactly. That was, um, 1999 - eight years ago! Nice going Mama Sutera.

And you are cute. And jowl-less.

And it looks like Kim is the other reader. Although there is no doubt that you have a massive following. I log in religiously every day (sorry, been a bit shite with leaving comments).

LOVE you blog.

LOVE your hair.

LOVE your love for your amazing family.

Bird said...

Sistah - look at the hottie!!! I sit here with my dripping wet waaaaay too long hair (no cut in 12 months) and I'm ready to make a run for super cuts! I love it! I say you go out and buy some wine today and see if you get carded :-)
Paris has a wonky eye? I can't get passed the funky nose to pay attention to the eye. And jowls? I sent you a CD of our Vegas picures with the x-mas presies. BURN IT. Cause if you think you have jowls you're gonne be horrified at what you see on me. I'm off to barf up last nights pizza.

Hey, you have 3 readers! See, things are already looking up!

No more snotting about the house. Look at how blessed you are to have this choice. Think of all the people in the middle of the Sudan living in tents because they have no home. Most people get sweaters-jerseys (I'm multi cultural) for Christmas, you may be getting a new HOME!!!!
And you can still drive to the old hood and make your old neighbors tell you how cute you look. That's my glass half full story of the day.

Tami said...

Okay. I make reader #4. LOVE the hair. You're like the Meg Ryan of my world. Long, short, wavy, straight, brushed, not-brushed or pony tail... You always look mahvelous dahling!


Denise said...

5 Readers! I've been in Florida for 9 days and feel like I missed so much especially after getting your email today. I just had to catch up. Love the hair!

My Compass Points ... said...

What a beautiful style! You look as you did on that first day you went to school.

And keep the faith on the house, with your hand firmly on your wallet. Your wishes will prevail.

I love you!

Bessie said...

You write very well.