Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Counting Down

Ten days and counting! We're off to Sea Isle City, New Jersey. Which, admittedly seems like an unlikely vacation destination, but we've been assured that it's beautiful, with lots of stuff to do. I'm told that millions of people visit the Jersey Shore every summer, and that alone should be reason enough NOT to go, but go we are. We're renting a beach house with Steve's best friend and his family and we are literally steps from the beach. We will be occupying the right half of the beach house pictured. There are four bedrooms and 3 bedrooms, which is hopefully enough room not to get on each other's nerves. Their kids are a little older than ours, but the combination of boys and girls get along like a house on fire, so we're expecting it to be a pretty great week. Look at the view from the upper deck. How could it not be awesome?!

Nancy (the other mom) and I have organized lists (we're both list makers...very alpha female...should be interesting) ranging from the number of toilet paper rolls we're bringing to the amazing menu we've planned. I've been shopping since we booked this vacation 6 weeks ago, and have amassed a pile of crap in the corner of my bedroom. Note, if you will, the box of wine in the top right corner and the bucket of marguerita mix and tequila in the lower left corner. I do have priorities, folks, and a week sharing toilets with another family, whom I have not yet farted in front of, requires lots of alcohol!

In other news (and gratuituous pictures for Gramma and Grampa), Maggie and Libby have had their hair cut. Since neither is very keen on doing the same thing as the other, it was a bit tricky getting them to get the same hair cut. So, I described it differently to them and exactly the same to the two stylists who did their hair. Voila! Adorable twins with equally adorable hair! I had to make them wet their hair and blow it out quickly for the picture and, while it still looks a little slept on, you can see how cute they look.
Ok, I have to get back to my shopping. I'm looking for matching, plain white tank tops for the family for our beach pictures at sunset.

Yes. I'm serious.


Bird said...

The beach house looks awesome!!!
You are going to have so much fun!
I haven't craved a margarita in a long time and considering it's 6am right now it's probably not a good thing that I am... Think I can get a bucket into my luggage?

The girls hair is adorable :-)
Perfect beach cuts!

I can't remember if our vaca's overlap, so if they do then you all have a GREAT time! We're closing early today to do a final run to the bank and grocery store (mom does need to eat while she's here) and then we're done.

We're outta here at 4:30am tomorrow morning.

Love to all!

Denise said...

I love the hair!! They look so grown up. Please let me know how the Jersey Shore is, i've had several people I know go and have a good time.
We leave for Florida on the 2nd and Giana and I don't return until the 17th...woohoo! Jerrod only gets one week with us and then I get the second with my parents all to myself and they get their fill of grandma & grandpa time.
Upon my return I have put several bottles of red wine aside for us to drink and one of them happens to be a South African red. So when vacation season is over and we discuss ballet classes for the fall we can drink and peruse each others vacation pics! Plan on it.
On another note, Brighid's after-surgery nose pic reminds me of when we did Glamour shots, she looks fab-u-lous!

Pieter said...

Les girls look fabulous!! (As you will in your mini-kini and executive cut!). The hair cuts are perfect for them.

What a fantastic place to vacation! And you'll be one of the first to see THE meteor and subsequent tsunami. Taking belly boards or are y'all going for the entire inter-state experience on a long board?

Is the envy obvious enough?

Have a blast on the beach!

Bird said...

Lordy lordy! Those glamour shots!
You are too kind Denise! :-)

Tell me when you girls plan on drinking the red - maybe it will be time for a girly visit.