Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Digital Camera Part Deux

First things first. Dad. Biopsy tomorrow at 11:00am CST (roughly). We are expecting nothing but good stuff...even if it means waiting until the 31st for the results.

Which...WTF? Are we in Canada? Eight days to read a slide? I should think not. Someone needs to raise their voice and swear a lot (I'll volunteer) or blubber like a baby (again, I'll volunteer).

Dad and Mom are stoic and steadfast. They are thinking positive and bracing themselves for all the whatifs (and saying a lot of WTFs, I'm sure...cuz' really...WHAT THE FUCK?!). We will, of course, keep you well informed so as to properly influence your prayers and positive thoughts (many thanks in advance...of course...and don't stop). In the meantime, please pray that they feel our love and support and that we can stop saying WTF.

Let's see...before I start filling up the blank spots with pictures of the kids, Dad and Emily have requested blog posting info, so I hope to see something riveting from them when I get back from my VACATION (which, by the way, I am totally packed for...I could wake up the kids this instant and be on the road in 10 minutes. We leave in 3 days. It's a sickness.).

Alright, so I totally bitched about my crappy camera and completely forgot that Steve's work gave him a pretty decent Kodak digital camera (which he kinda, sorta gave to me). So I dug it out, downloaded the Christmas pictures (for shame...but do you like the t-shirt Steve's sister got him?) that were suspended in time on it and tried to see if I could make magic with it. The pictures below were all taken at Jack's soccer game last night, and while I would still LOVE a super fancy, high speed, blow-your-mind-with-the-picture-quality camera, this one will do for now (don't let that discourage you from taking up a collection to surprise me with something wickedly fancy...and expensive).

Okay, back from a short break. Libby lost another tooth today and I had to make sure the tooth fairy remembered to bring her money. She forgot last time...self absorbed bitch was probably drinking too much cheap wine and fell asleep watching the Food Network.

Just sayin'.

Which, reminds me of the time I went shopping with a friend and returned home to Jack standing in the driveway holding a ziplock baggie with all his lost teeth neatly wrapped in tissues and labeled with date it was lost.

"Um, yes, well, see Jack..."

God bless my neighbor. She quickly jumped in and told him the tooth fairy will leave the teeth in a special baggie if a Mom requests to keep them. Jack either bought it or decided not to give up on a good thing (the tooth fairy brings $5 and he still had a mouth full of chiclets to lose!).

Okay, enough drivel already. Here are the kids from last night.Jack in goal...his least favorite position (his favorite is the sideline).Soccer is thirsty work!Maggie picking flowers for Mommy.Maggie Grace...a vision of loveliness and Walmart stickers. Libby, picking accessories.The beautiful, unmatched (literally) Libby Bits.


Winks said...

It's my best when I am first!

Don't you have a tshirt saying "I love his wiener, too."???

Those are the most stunning kids - and Katie too. I am so proud that they are related to me!

When are we going to get a pic of the mum and dad together?

Martine said...

Winks...you're first! You're the wiener!

And I'm so going to make that t-shirt (and pass if off as my own idea...of course). Steve should be suitably mortified.

Thanks for the kid compliment. They're alright.

Watch this space for pics of Mom and Dad...Dad is guest posting next week!

Denise said...

$5.00 a tooth??? Can I bring Giana's teeth to your house when she starts to lose them? As a matter of fact I may knock some of my own out just for gas money.

Martine said...

Damn, Denise! That was funny. And embarrassing. You'd better be nice to me or I'll tell Gianna what the going rate for the tooth fairy should be!