Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Party Hearty - Swazi Style

First again! Winks is the wiener!

My aunt Kathy (Winky) lives on a little patch of heaven in Swaziland, and recently hosted a 60th birthday bash for my uncle, Wiggy. These are her words, her pictures, marking the beginning of the new family blog.

The handsome devil is Wiggy...Happy 60th!!


The weatherman predicted that there would be a 60% chance of rain, and that the maximum would be 13 Celsius (don't know what that is in F), but it's COLD. So Wigs built an extension off the veranda and covered it with plastic. The day dawned BEAUTIFUL and warm, and 50 guests later, we were all ensconced at tables under the tent, scoffing lamb stew and hundreds of veg. My maid thinks white people are mad to attend a party where you are asked to bring your own booze (BYOB) and bring your own chair (BYOC), and also to bring a pud/salad. She says no self-respecting Swazi would ask anyone to such a party! Anyways, if you want to have a big party, that is what we do and it worked a charm! Good food, good company and as the day cooled down, we lit braziers (which were so hot they melted the roof of the tent!

The first guests arrived at 2pm and the last was kicked out after Wigs and I had gone to bed at 2230! That guest had to leave his car behind and get a lift home as he was so legless! Then the next morning, EVERYONE (family staying) left within 10 minutes of each other. This picture is of us all just before the DEPARTURE - the ones you don't know are Mark's mom and dad. Wigs and I drowned our sorrows after they left by opening his presents, and then went out to lunch and rounded the day off with an afternoon zzz. Was most unprepared for work the next day!

I was afraid of the flames and wax when Wigs blew out his candles, and that is why I look like I do in that pic - I hope that is not my pretty face look! The first pic is on the night of his birthday when Em and Mark and Joe and I gave him a special dinner and decorated the breakfast room with balloons and streamers and photos hanging from the ceiling. Such a fun birthday, I think I will have to do it for him again next year! This is the first birthday I have been allowed to throw for him in our entire married life!
As far as Piet is concerned, I have written to him, conveying all best wishes possible. I will be holding thumbs for the best from 1800 our time, and drinking a toast to him. 6 is what we call puza time (siSwati for drinking alcohol), but some days we have to say that it is past the yard arm somewhere in the world, so it's ok to start early. I think the whole family has alcoholic leanings!

Love your blog!

Winks Darling, Young and Beautiful (and I suppose that is relative...)

So, who's next?


Martine said...

Darling, Young and Beautiful is right, Sistuh! You guys look amazing!

Thanks for being a blogging pioneer and I hope you'll send regular updates to be posted!

Love you!

Pieter said...

Y'all look a mighty fine family. Happy 60th Wigs! (in case we forgot to send you the congratulatory email). And you raised some impressive flames - no doubt some kind of vapour boozeted the pyre. I wish (for us both) that we could have been there.

Thanks for the good joss. That and the happy juice made it all quite tolerable. The happy juice is also called wakeful sedation. I was just bitching that I could not breathe face down on a bloody hard CT table with a bloody pillow half under and half down my throat when someone hit the plunger - and there I was in the recovery room. Apparently colourful epithets are customary side effects.

The Butterfly said...

How I wish I had been there to celebrate the big 60. I tried to phone as long as I could but no go. Did talk to Joan and she was very emotional.You all look so good and we are quite determined to visit next year. Thanks for good wishes. We just take one day at a time.Yes I do believe we have a boozy gene, but who from? Lots of love to all.

Bird said...

This makes me wish I was there even more!!!

Bird said...

What is that gorgeous huge dog that Em is petting?

Winks said...

Birdy, that huge dog is Arthur. He has become a really nice dog recently, and this will sound awful, but we had to put his sister down as she had osteocarcinoma in her leg. Another thing that has come down since is the food bill - big dogs eat big platefuls! He is a boerbul cross great dane, and has a lovely nature - loves everyone, including Rubber, our regular burglar!

Bird said...

I have wanted a boerbul forever!
They just seem like gentle GIANTS.
Not sure the weiner dog would enjoy such a playmate though...